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What is the common practice – to give every worker the app, or only a select number of workers?

It depends on the company and process, pre-work assessment applies to all workers. It’s rolled out across the board. For observations or audits maybe the app is given to supervision.

Do workers want to take on inspections, audits and other work formerly done by safety pros? Do some resist, saying this isn’t my job, it’s the safety guy’s job?

In my experience, no. It depends on what tasks a company is asking for. Most workers want to be safe; they are fairly open to taking responsibility — especially if the company values safety. 

Do workers, some at least, resist being monitored by Big Brother?  As in, why weren’t you using the tools you should have?

ANVL has the ability to monitor who is performing and who’s not. As one safety pro says in your material, if they are not doing what they should, we have a conversation.

Especially if companies going from a paper process and managers never look at what workers wrote, there can be level of fear. But we find workers get over that quickly. They now have access to upper management to get resources they need. They now can direct feedback to managers, They get over that Big Brother fear pretty quickly. These apps give frontline worker a voice.

Disruption doesn’t occur overnight, especially in a conservative, cost-conscious field like safety. How long will the transformation from paper to digital take?

It largely depends on motivating factors, costs escalating around injuries, new corporate goals, workers’ comp going up, executives looking at digital transformation. We see safety still has a lot of paper in place across the board. That said, a number of companies are starting to see the intersection of digital transformation and safety.