Before early voting began in Indianapolis’ 2020 general election, the nonprofits Vote Safe Indiana and IN Tech for Progress were determined to find a way to ensure people could exercise their right to vote without having to struggle with waiting hours in long lines. Partnering with other tech companies in the area, the nonprofits launched to give Indianapolis voters a real-time view of wait times. 

One big question remained, however: how could they best organize their new volunteer base to submit wait time data in a simple and mobile-friendly way?

Anvl Enables Voting Data Collection

Anvl’s solution is intensely focused on gathering data from frontline workers, so data submission from volunteers at polling locations seemed like a perfect fit for Anvl’s Workforce platform. Before equipping each volunteer with an Anvl Workforce login, Anvl created a custom data submission workflow that captured the volunteers location, observed wait times, and any issues that might have occurred. Even volunteers who were unfamiliar with mobile tech could be quickly trained with Workforce’s simplified user interface, allowing them to get from volunteer registration to on-site data collection rapidly.

Of course, as soon as early voting began, things were quickly revealed to be less than predictable. Volunteers were pushing cars out of the mud, helping voters find accessible entrances, and providing snacks during long wait times. Initial plans of giving voters bracelets to be identified later quickly had to be abandoned, as location wait times went for hours after a volunteer’s shift ended. Anvl’s dynamic mobile workflows quickly changed as well – modifying volunteer instructions, count methods, and data collection on the fly without requiring volunteers to update the app. Feedback allowed for rapid iteration, allowing to continue posting stats without interruption.

Making Early Voting Easy, Accessible, and Predictable

Even though frontline data collection takes many forms, Anvl’s custom reporting and integration solutions were able to take the dynamic data submissions and convert them into structured data, which was then analyzed and submitted to Even when calculation methods rapidly changed, Anvl’s analytics platform rapidly changed as well. Not only did the analysis allow voters to avoid eight hour-long wait times, the data provided by the Anvl platform carried enough influence to demonstrate additional polling centers, causing an Indianapolis stadium to open as an early voting location.Anvl’s frontline focus, dynamic and real-time workflows, and enhanced analytics capabilities helped empower the Indianapolis voter to find the ideal location to make their vote count. Anvl appreciates all the hard work of the volunteers, Vote Safe Indiana, IN Tech for Progress, and its sister startup Lessonly to make polling location wait times accessible, apparent, and readily available for Indiana voters!