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Startup and scale-ups approach parental leave

Many startups and scale-ups do offer a variety of parental leave options, like 12 weeks fully paid leave and paid leave for non-primary caregivers.

High Alpha offers 12 weeks parental leave for both men and women and recommend their portfolio companies do the same. Anvl, a newly-launched High Alpha company, recognized that it was critical to include parental leave policies very early on in their development as an employer. “Workplace culture is established very early on as the company grows, and we wanted to build a culture that welcomes families of all types, demonstrates our desire to grow with our employees, and distinguishes Anvl as a company that’s in it for the long haul,” said Anvl VP of Technology John Ellis.

For a venture studio that builds startups, this surprised me — how could they afford to take the time off when some companies only have 3-5 employees?

At that stage, every role is a crucial hire, and new parents as well as entrepreneurs might question how to offer leave while also acknowledging their growing company needs. Kristen Cooper of The Startup Ladies wrote an op-ed that identified parental leave as one of the many ways that startups might find themselves with their employees out of office. She references ruthless prioritization and contingency plans as helpful to startup entrepreneurs managing staff leave.

Read the full article on Techpoint by Sara Croft