Market Overview:
The Evolving Universe Of EHS Mobile Apps

Featuring Anvl, this report offers insight on the current EHS mobile app landscape and the capabilities that end-users desire.

From The Report

“EHS professionals are working to reposition the responsibility of workplace safety by centralizing the role of frontline workers in mitigating risks. As such, they are turning to EHS mobile apps to engage frontline workers with safety solutions.”

“Only by understanding the core problems can a mobile solution overcome it. Thus, vendors increasingly are using knowledge from the ground, to shape the solution that they create.”

“By eliminating hardcopy documents and providing flexible access to content, mobile apps are speeding up traditionally laborious tasks so that workers can report incidents or hazards at the point of need and can partake in microlearning at times convenient to them.”

Verdantix, Market Overview: The Evolving Universe Of EHS Mobile Apps, March 2020

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Report Content

EHS Mobile Apps Market Continues To Grow And Evolve

  • EHS Mobile App Vendors Have Solidified Their Software Functionality
  • Popularity Of EHS Mobile Apps Continues To Rise
  • EHS Decision-Makers Believe Frontline
  • Workers Need Real-Time, Accessible Solutions

Frontline Workers Are Reshaping The Design Of EHS Mobile Apps

  • Desire For Worker-Led EHS Practices Is Influencing EHS Mobile App Design
  • Vendors Are Working With Clients Throughout The Design Process To Promote Success

Corporate Managers Demand Growing Deployment Support From Vendors

  • Vendors Provide Guidance To Support Successful Rollout
  • Overcoming Challenges Facing The EHS Mobile Apps Market

Future Developments Within The EHS Mobile App Landscape

  • Market Developments Will Focus On Vendor Services And App Functionality

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