Your Business Made Smarter with Anvl

Anvl is a modern, mobile-first SaaS platform for industrial enterprises to achieve compliance, safety, quality, and sustainability goals, by delivering dynamic-logic workflows through our combination of a mobile app for frontline workers and supervisors, and real-time reporting and analytics for management and corporate leadership.


Anvl Connected Worker Platform

Used in over 50 countries, Anvl eliminates paper-based processes and digital forms to ensure trustworthy, actionable data collection, keeps management informed and aware of all work in real-time, and unlocks leading indicators to make proactive, corrective actions and intelligent continuous improvement

Intuitive features encourage feedback, capture multimedia data and automatically escalate issues and deliver solutions in real-time – so action can be taken at the earliest point.

Anvl’s flexible workflow technology supports a wide range of workflow types so that workers have what they need in one application.



Surrounding our core Workflow Infinity technology, Anvl capabilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Enterprise-Grade Security (SOC2 Compliance)
  • Internationalization & Localization (Multi-Language)
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Mobile App Offline Mode & Access via iOS, Android, and Windows Devices
  • External Links for instructional content and/or reference material
  • Real-Time Notifications (Flags, Stop Work, SMS, Email, etc.)
  • Talk-to-Text (Natural Language Processing)
  • Photo & Video Capture
  • In-App Messaging & Corrective Actions
  • Dynamic Direct Dial
  • Workflow Review & Supervisor Accountability
  • Open REST API for integrations
  • Management Dashboard for real-time access to global site, workflow, and user activity
  • Custom Reporting & Analytics
  • PowerBI Integration   


Our goal is to help your company improve safety, quality, and operations, and minimize risk by ensuring field employees are thoroughly reviewing and documenting company procedures, enabling real-time notifications based on non-compliance and/or unsafe work conditions, and allowing management visibility to easily and remotely access, monitor, maintain, and audit the related documentation and processes.

We partner with you to design dynamic, logic-based workflows ensuring data standardization while enabling site/job-specific variables for relevancy. In addition to a real-time dashboard for management to analyze data and take corrective actions associated with these workflows, Anvl will collaborate with you to design and regularly provide custom reports to reveal insights to identify improvements. 

Anvl provides all necessary initial and ongoing configuration, training, and support services.


Ready to Unlock Critical Data?

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