Enable worker safety by tracking leading indicators.

Enable worker safety by intervening as risk occurs.

Enable worker safety by monitoring real-time hazards.

Enable worker safety by ensuring compliance awareness.

Anvl helps companies identify risk through leading indicators with workforce-first safety software.
“Anvl actually forces our team to think about safety. Step by step. And when you think about safety, you're naturally going to be more safe.”
- Todd Mineart, Construction Project Manager, Capitol Construction
"Anvl is a part of our daily routine for every job an employee goes on... We work in a tough environment. This product is going to allow us to understand the scenarios they're put in and what we can provide them to do it safely."
- Robert Frontiera, General Manager, Cummins
"What we like is the user interface. It was focused for the worker first - understanding their day-to-day jobs. It's all about how can we take care of our workforce, whether in the field or in the shop."
- Al Banos, Digital Accelerator Director, Cummins

Anvl is not just another EHS system, we help you change your safety culture.

  • Support workers in the moment
  • Safety processes designed for workers
  • Give your workers a voice
  • Equip managers with actionable data
  • Provide workers with real-time feedback

Process and content. One solution.

Your paper processes and basic electronic forms are converted to smart-digital workflows by the Anvl Service team.

Operator Checklists
Equipment Inspections
Pre-Task Checklists
Vehicle Inspections
Operator Checklists
Daily Safety Inspections
Contractor Safety Forms
Work Permits
Job Safety Conversations
Job Risk Assessments
Job Audits
Training Materials
Job Safety Assessments
Near Miss Reports
Job Hazard Assessments
Worker Audits
Job Site Permits
Safety Work Procedures

Smart Digital Workflows

Present and gather information in a super simple, easy to understand way leveraging logic and your business rules. Answers to questions are valuable and determine what‘s next, including who is alerted to a high risk situation.
Are you still using paper for safety?
89% Digital transformation for enterprises is well underway. 89% plan to adopt a digital first business strategy.
What’s your worker engagement in your safety program?
95% Anvl Workforce software users show 95% daily engagement.
Are you stuck with 1-size fits all for your safety processes and procedures?
100% Anvl can help you deliver the right information at the right time for your workforce with 100% tailored workflows.

Safety Engagement Platform

Engage frontline workers and organically drive culture changes with Anvl’s mobile workforce safety application.

Safety Insights and Analysis

A safety analysis dashboard to learn, coach, and improve your workforce safety objectives.

Anvl Insights

Your Safety Program. Our Technology.

Anvl is ideal for industries with complex, high-risk service and maintenance jobs and dynamic tasks and environments.

We tailor our software to your industry needs. We partner with you to continue to adjust your safety program processes and content on the timeframe you need.

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Cummins has dramatically reduced technician hazards while increasing performance efficiency.
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