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Connected Worker Insights.

Unlock Critical Data in Real-Time.

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Mobile data capture fuels continuous improvement.


Connected workers identify risks in the moment.


Increase productivity with automated work instruction.

“Anvl is a part of our daily routine for every job an employee goes on… We work in a tough environment. This product allows us to understand the scenarios they’re put in and what we can provide them to do it safely.”

Robert Frontiera
General Manager, Cummins

“We are thrilled with Anvl. From the simplistic design, ease of use, to excellent customer support, we could not be happier. Now that we’ve seen the observation report in action, we want to use Anvl to digitize even more.”

Christopher Esgro

Safety Manager, BGE HOME

“Anvl actually forces our team to think about safety. Step by step. And when you think about safety, you’re naturally going to be more safe.” 

Todd Mineart

Construction Project Manager, Capitol Construction

Empower Workers.

Anvl helps unlock critical data in real-time by connecting frontline workers and supervisors through a single, easy-to-use platform.

Anvl includes real-time data collection, in-the-moment guidance, alerts and analytics – supporting positive changes, productivity improvements, & cost and time savings.


Data Points Gathered


Photos Collected


Interventions and Stop Jobs


User Engagement

Actionable Data.

Anvl provides a single pane of glass view of data to leaders to gain visibility to all areas of operation. 

Configurable alerts and notifications to your inbox, watch, or smartphone allow for issues to be reviewed and solved more efficiently.

The Leading Indicator Dashboard allows leaders to see trends of data over time to turbo charge continuous improvement in your business.

Actionable Data.

Anvl delivers real-time data to streamline processes, improve quality, and keep your frontline safe.

See Anvl in action.