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Product Features

Smart dynamic workflows with logic & rules—types supported:

  • Inspections
  • Audits
  • Layered Process Audits
  • Surveys
  • Screening Checks
  • Assessments
  • Observations
  • Checklists
  • Pre-work checks
  • Job Safety Assessments
  • Job Hazard Assessments
  • Safe Work Permits
  • Permits / Authorizations
  • Procedures
  • LOTO Procedures
  • Issue / Problem Report Submissions
  • Training
  • Logs


Enterprise Platform

  • Cloud Platform and Storage
  • Easy to Use Mobile Application for Data Collection
  • Web/ Mobile-Friendly Admin Application / Dashboards / Reports
  • Real-Time visibility as data is collected and workflows are completed


Mobile Device Support

  • Easy to Use Mobile App
  • iOS, Android – Tablet and Smartphone Support
  • Tablet Landscape and Portrait Modes
  • Kiosk Mode – Shared Device / Repeating Data Collection


Workflow Builder* and Library Management

  • Workflow Builder* with Visual Diagramming Support
  • Included Anvl Professional Services Support for Workflow Design, Data to Report Mapping, Deploy and Management
  • Anytime / Live Workflow Updates Workflow library availability assignments by groups
  • Configurable Pre-built quick-start templates


Advanced Workflow Logic and Field Types

  • Robust Dynamic Routing Logic
  • Advanced Workflow Logic: Branching, Skip Logic, Repeat Logic and Logic-Triggered Notifications
  • Rules for Stop Job Triggers and tracking
  • Rules for Intervention / Leading Indicators Triggers and tracking
  • Workflow Reuse / Section Reuse
  • Configurable, workflow library
  • Configurable workflow category names and grouping


Configurable Workflow Screen Library

  • Binary questions
  • Photos
  • Required Photos
  • Multiple Photos
  • Radio button
  • Checkbox Selection List
  • Checkbox Multi-select List
  • Text /Data Entry
  • Pop-up definitions / links
  • Digital signature


Native Mobile Application with Robust User Experience

  • Intuitive design for maximum Ease-of-Use
  • Dashboard, photo library, view completed workflows
  • Pre-populated workflow library with categories, quick select and search
  • In-Progress workflow guides and progress indicators
  • Responsive guided workflows steps Quick view emergency and supervisor phone numbers
  • Pop-up Definitions and Embedded Reference Links
  • Voice to Text for all Text / Data Collection Fields
  • Automated and User Triggered Stop-Job
  • Automated Issue Tracking and Tagging (Interventions)
  • AutoSave / In-Progress Work and Resume


Workflow Event Based Alerts and Notifications

  • Auto-Triggered and User-Activated Stop-Jobs Alerts – SMS, Email
  • Automated Flag Alerts  – SMS, Email
  • Dashboard Alert Indicators


Rich Data Collection

  • Photo Capture, Captions and Sketch Annotations
  • Multi-Photo Capture and Captions
  • QR Code Lookup for Rapid Data Input
  • Background GPS and Photo Metadata Capture


Robust, Full-Featured, Automated Offline Mode

  • Guided and Dynamic Workflow Support – including Logic, Branching, Skip Logic, Repeat Logic
  • Data Collection for all data types
  • Photo Data Collection
  • Data AutoSync


Action / Task / Issue Reporting from Workflows

  • Flags Submission with Notifications and Alerts
  • Configurable Flag Priority Categories
  • Flag review, response and resolution
  • Flag share by Email with Comments
  • Actions/corrective Action Submission and Tracking**


Help and Training Center

  • Mobile App Anytime Feedback Button
  • Web App Live Help, Feedback and Help Center
  • Anvl Professional Services Training, Custom Training, Train the Trainer
  • Anvl Academy**


Mobile Application Organization

  • Active and Inactive Job/Work Categories
  • Workflow library organized by category
  • Workflow library frequently used and search
  • Manual or Pre-populated Work/Job information with configurable/selectable attributes
  • Share Workflows with Team Members


Messaging with Rich Content

  • In-App Messages and Responses with Message Threading
  • Message association with Workflows for context
  • Rich In-App Messaging Content:  Photos, video, File uploads, Emojis
  • Messaging Badges and Notifications
  • Messaging responses to Workflows with Comments
  • Messaging responses to Flags with Comments


Real-Time Leader and Admin Dashboards

  • Real-time Workflow Dashboard with quick filters and drill-down into workflow data collected
  • Photo and Caption Viewer
  • Highlighted Alerts for Stop Jobs, Flags and Interventions with Drill-down
  • Leading indicator tracking dashboard, drill-down and filtering
  • Supported on mobile devices 

Daily, Summary and Custom Reports

  • Real-time Workflow Drill-down by Group, Category/Type, Person and Question/Field Level
  • Real-time Workflow Summary Reports / graphs and drill-down into details**
  • Daily Summary Reports in Email
  • Custom Reports – Automated Email  Delivery
  • Custom Reports – Delivered in-App**
  • Workflow Export
  • Workflow Printing


Advanced Analytics

  • Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis
  • Verbatim Response Report and Drill-down
  • Intervention Response Report and Drill-down
  • Advanced / Custom Analytics, Charts and Trends


User Administration

  • Unlimited Users and Groups
  • User Administration and Group Settings
  • User Permissions Management User Preferences for Email and SMS Notifications
  • SSO Support  – Federated Identity Management


Enterprise Level Integrations

  • Integration with Systems with REST APIs
  • UX Integration for Seamless Experience between Applications
  • Data Export and Data Source Integration
  • Custom Integrations on Request


Support for Unlimited Data Collection and Storage

  • Unlimited Data Collection
  • Unlimited Workflows
  • Unlimited Submissions Unlimited Storage


Language Support

  • Workflows are Translation Ready


Expert Digital Transformation Professional Services

  • White-glove on-boarding
  • Fully managed Professional Services – design to change management
  • Customer Success Program including named success partner
  • Collaborative workflow design business reviews
  • Workflow Change management
  • Advanced BI Services for process improvement


*Early Access

**Coming Soon

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