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Reimagine Your Safety Observations

One Platform to capture critical safety data.

Anvl’s Safety Observations take traditional methods of safety processes to the next level.

Why wait for the data to be tabulated or analyzed?


Anvl engages users in real-time to capture critical data and provide reports that highlight what matters most. We go beyond checking the box or achieving quotas for number of reports each year. You don’t need to wait for forms to be turned in and collected. With Anvl, you will be able to automate data collection and identify continuous improvements for safety.

To see if Anvl Safety Observation workflows are right for you, ask yourself these questions:

Do you know what the actual issues are?

Anvl’s dynamic workflows go into detail about issues and enable rich data capture with capabilities such as real-time photos, voice-to-text, and logic-based questions to get to the core of the issue.

We capture critical data to eliminate manual data entry and tabulation – no more entering data in spreadsheets and losing critical information. 

Safety data collection is automated and immediately available to leaders for viewing on your computer or mobile device. Even in remote circumstances, Anvl equips you with the insights you need most.


Do you spend more time manually collecting data, or putting that data into action?

With Anvl, the report tallying is automated so time can be better spent learning from what the data is telling you.

Many Safety Observations are still on paper with an open text field to collect basic information. This makes compiling the information very cumbersome and means the focus is more on tallying totals than it is learning from what is being reported. 

Get critical insights from your data like you’ve never had before. By adding dimension to data you capture in real-time, you will have the opportunity to really learn from your processes. This way, you’ll be able to focus on continuously improving your process. 


How do you leverage Safety Observation data to improve safety?

Is your data telling you what the most prevalent hazard or risk is over time? With Anvl, Safety Observation data presents insights into what safety issues are recurring across a business. 

We go beyond a traditional Safety Observation process by providing smart, dynamic workflows with the capability to stop the job, escalate, and resolve risks in-the-moment.  

In addition to real-time solutions to improve safety, Anvl gives your leaders the opportunity to review Safety Observation data and identify ways where safety can be improved overall with customized reporting features.

Make safety an ongoing effort for improvement with Anvl Safety Observation workflows.


Ready to get started with Anvl?

Anvl can dive deeper into information about trends that are automatically captured from the floor. Drive continuous improvements in your business with one platform that will provide the data-driven insights that matter most of all.

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