Anvl’s Connected Worker Solution helps companies source data straight from the frontline to increase safety, improve quality, and streamline operations across a business. Our customers benefit from increased worker engagement, increased productivity, leadership accountability, and cost savings.

“Anvl is giving [Cummins] the opportunity to have a standard workflow leverage and use data that we didn’t have before with paper processes,” says Al Banos, Director of Digital Transformation at Cummins. “[Anvl] is also helping us close the communication gap between technicians and supervisors with unique solutions tailored to their roles.”

Anvl has rolled out at 167 Cummins sites across North America, with over 3,500 active users.

Watch the short video below to see the Anvl CEO & Co-Founder, Robin Fleming, and the Digital Transformation Director at Cummins, Al Banos, show how Anvl’s Connected Worker Solution helps Cummins unlock critical data.

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