Support Workers

Engage frontline workers and organically drive culture changes with Anvl’s mobile workforce safety application and communication platform.

Anvl turns your inspections, assessments, checklists, observations, audits, permits and procedures into tailored dynamic workflows to make your workforce more productive, efficient, and effective.

More importantly Anvl gives your workforce a voice — every day.

Assisted Issue and Hazard Identification

Help your workforce identify problems and risks. Implement safety controls and problem resolution in complex environments with smart workflows geared toward highly dynamic environments.

Link jobs, work orders, and projects to safety processes through integration with Anvl.

Leverage automatic risk identification with in the moment prompts and suggestions for the worker. Automated escalations and stop-work triggers alert supervisors of potential issues at the earliest possible point.

Capture Real-Time Data

Anvl Workforce captures a live feed of rich data directly from the frontline.

Data captured includes: photos, annotated photos, written and voice-to-text comments, worker process compliance, worker engagement, risk mitigation, and more.

In-progress and completed workflows are automatically shared with co-workers and supervisors.

“Anvl asks simple questions that you wouldn’t think of on a day-to-day basis and gives me all of the insights I need to go into that job and fully understand what is happening.”
– Jared, Frontline Maintenance Worker

Goodbye to Outdated Forms and Checklists

Changes to procedures, content, and process can be pushed to frontline workers seamlessly, ensuring compliance across your team with ease.

Worker feedback to content and processes can be incorporated quickly, ensuring frontline engagement remains high – because they have a voice.

Designed for Frontline Workers and Supervisors

Anvl’s mobile-first application was designed for frontline workers and supervisors who are in highly dynamic and fast paced environments.

The high-contrast and easy to use design focuses user attention to only a few critical elements at a time vs. presenting all options at once. Smart workflows save time and effort by presenting only the relevant information.

Both offline and poor-connectivity modes are supported to ensure safety and productivity in the field.

A quick Anvl overview.

Software to automate paperwork and processes, making it easy to stay connected with workers, distribute the responsibility of safety, and ensure accountability and compliance with processes.

See Anvl in action.