Here at Anvl, we are proud of the revolutionary technology we have developed to provide a one-of-a-kind experience to you and your business. In particular, we are especially inspired by one of our most innovative creations- Anvl Workflow. Since this product is so unique and state-of-the-art, we want to provide you the opportunity to learn more about our product, and why Anvl is the right solution for your business. 

What are Workflows?

In the words of our CTO, John Ellis, Workflows can be considered as a “choose-your-own-adventure” concept. Workflows are, essentially, your paperwork in a mobile format (compatible with iOS & Android tablets and phones). As opposed to form builder solutions that digitize your paperwork without any improvements, Workflows truly set Anvl apart by getting as much information as possible with as few questions as possible. The software is crafted to accommodate all sorts of scenarios in order to consider numerous on-site occurrences. The technology is sophisticated in the way that the way one question is answered, it may lead to an entirely different outlet. This allows for workers to identify safety hazards quickly, take pictures of job sites, log a subcontractor, be notified if a job needs to be stopped, and so much more. 

The goal of Workflows, ultimately, is to maximize efficiency on-site, engage with frontline workers on the job as much as possible, and allow businesses to evaluate work progress in real-time. This means no more stacks of forms or long questionnaires to complete- Anvl compiles that data so you can get updates and suggestions in just a few minutes. In addition, we take your data overtime and provide you the opportunity to look at common trends so that you can identify possibilities for improvement. Workflows aim to guide you and your workers to consider all the necessary information on site, without taking up too much time. This, in turn, will also encourage workers to be more cognisant of their surroundings and make safety one of their top priorities. 

Why Workflows are Your Solution

Ask yourself what is more important: getting instant feedback on necessary information, or waiting for paperwork to process before a conversation begins? Workflows are an ideal product because they allow for flexibility and productivity that forms cannot match.

The product is designed in a way that engages workers to be productive in their updates while eliminating unnecessary information. If weather conditions are ideal for the day, you will not have to verify that 10 times; you can update once and change as needed. Similarly, if you take a picture of a floor and the index of reflection on the floor looks high, Anvl will call attention to the potential hazard so it can be identified rapidly. Or, you can take a picture of a worksite and annotate areas of importance. The solutions are instant and efficient, so you can get ahead of a problem-before it sets you back.

Even after a Workflow is completed, workers have the ability to go back and change information, and search for previous workflows based on their identification or status. Managers and supervisors can observe all flagged worksites and highlighted alerts in real time, as well as view photos of the worksite instantly. This flexibility allows for constant communication between all employees. 

Partner With Us

Like your business, Anvl is constantly challenging ourselves to seek ways that we can provide the best experience for our customers. Our Senior Director of Product, Nidhi Chopra, notes that “the people who are doing these jobs are the largest contributor to shaping the product,” and we at Anvl take feedback to heart. We provide solutions that are applicable to a variety of institutions and businesses, but like your business, we constantly strive for excellence. In fact, Workflows offer the opportunity to send us feedback, so we can continue to make our technology more efficient for your use. 

We understand that Workflows are a very new concept to safety management software. There is really no other intelligent software like it. However, our team will work with you directly to get your business acclimated to the technology at your own pace. See all of the solutions that Anvl has to offer for you, and take the first step to making safety a priority in your business.