Tell Us About a Typical Day.

Four o’clock comes early! I’ve been in the business for approximately 40 years and I’ve been at this shop for almost 24 of those 40 years. I primarily work on engines of all shapes and sizes.

My day-to-day could involve anything from an overhaul, extracting an engine from a chassis or putting an engine back in a chassis. Sometimes, an engine just needs a minor sensor change. But I work on anything from minor to a major job, so my day could be anything really.

How Do You Use Anvl?

Well, before Anvl, we did the form on paper instead of using an iPad. The paper process was pretty redundant. You were writing the same thing over and over again all the time. With Anvl, you can take pictures, show what some of the safety hazards are on the job, and show that what procedure you are following.

Has Anvl Been Easy to Use?

Well, being 66 years old I’m a little bit slow when it comes to computers and iPads and things like that. The people that came in with Anvl have shown us how to operate the iPads and everything and it was all positive. There really wasn’t a whole lot of negative. It wasn’t hard to learn at all. The keyboard is easy to use because it has a keyboard like a computer. You can go from one job to another job. Some of us, we do multiple jobs in a day, we’re on different jobs, so it’s pretty user-friendly for us. Rather than taking 10 minutes or more to do your process you can do it in a couple of minutes with the iPad.

Is Anvl Valuable to You?

Anvl is valuable because it’s not just going through the motions. You’ve got all the visual things in front of your eyes when you’re taking the pictures. The product asks you questions along the way so it gets your train of thought going in the right direction.

A fire in the building could get out of control quickly. So the first thing you have to do is make sure the batteries are locked out so that’s a big, big thing right there. The engine can turn over at any time by itself, all it needs is the electrical charge from the batteries. Anvl helps prevent this by prompting you to always lock the batteries out. So there’s a lot of things that it does for the technician and for the company. It prevents injuries and it saves expenses for the company.

The difference I’ve seen for 40 plus years has been an evolution in safety.  Back then, there wasn’t much involved with safety. It was just “get it done however you can get it done”. Now, my employer cares about what happens to me and that’s clear by the investment in using Anvl. It’s a good thing and it’s going in the right direction.