Often in a manufacturing business, safety, quality, and productivity are thought of as three separate pillars of a functional company. However,  safety, quality, and productivity are inextricably linked. It’s impossible to sacrifice one without sacrificing the others. When organizations put better care into maintaining their safety, quality, and productivity, they are also better able to serve their customers and protect their employees. One of the ways organizations can direct these efforts is by investing in a digital solution, like a Connected Worker Solution. Learn how going digital for safety and quality will ultimately boost productivity in your business:

Why move forward with digital

Though every worksite is different, according to the ASQ, the manufacturing industry is projected to have the most to gain when its organizations adopt digital technologies. Better yet, further studies indicate that manufacturing workers are eager to adopt said technologies. In fact, according to Deloitte, about half of all surveyed workers are willing to learn and use new technology if it helps them perform their jobs better. A global study by Accenture states that nearly 85 percent of all industry executives are planning to invest money into getting their workers more connected. Furthermore, those who had already invested in equipment and technologies to do so have reported improvements in worker safety and productivity, not to mention decreased operating costs. Bottom line: There are benefits to moving any industry forward, and ushering in the factory of the future can have a significant payoff when it’s done right.

Digital safety processes for increased productivity

Improved employee morale and safety culture adoption tend to be more subjective than data-driven metrics. In other words, higher morale means higher productivity, but more importantly, engaged workers can translate into profitability. According to Forbes and Gallup, highly engaged teams show 21 percent greater profitability. Good safety culture adoption includes high rates of participation in training, willingness to share safety suggestions or point out discrepancies without fear of retaliation and communication between employees about safety matters.

Boost productivity with going digital for quality

Good digital solutions focused on quality rely heavily on data, and data can help companies catch product defects sooner or even go as far as preventing defects from happening in the first place. By doing so, your company will be able to streamline its product development process and minimize the time and financial commitment that goes toward scrap, rework and product replacements. You’ll be able to capture data and learn from your mistakes so your overall operations will flow much better moving forward.

Go digital with a Connected Worker solution

Technology that empowers workers to capture data at the point that matters most can connect workers and supervisors to critical, incoming data in ways that help find new opportunities for continuous improvement each day. Safety and quality solutions do not have to be in different applications, either. Connected Worker Solutions like Anvl take all of your processes and digitize them into smart, dynamic workflows – eliminating the need for multiple apps and systems, while boosting productivity and efficiency.

Increase productivity with Anvl

Anvl creates smart digital workflows that help companies detect issues early, enhance communication and identify improvements.  Our flexible application supports quality, safety and operations – all in one place. Click here to see a product demo and schedule a meeting with our experts today.