Consider how different your workplace would be if you could see ahead to prevent safety hazards with greater speed and precision. Safety on the job is always the top priority, so it’s something everyone in the company needs to take seriously. One valuable tool that many companies have adopted is the “Behavior Based Safety Program” or BBSP. These programs help identify safety hazards and unsafe behaviors and then train workers on how to develop safer practices while also keeping their eyes open to other hazards and alerting everyone. Again, the goal for any Behavior Based Safety Program is avoiding hazards before anyone gets hurt. Learn how to take your traditional Behavior-Based Safety program to the next level to identify and prevent hazards to keep workers safe with solutions like Anvl.

Make your Behavior-Based Safety Program Effective

Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) programs can be tedious and time-consuming to manage, especially if you’re still on paper forms. Maybe you have even abandoned your Behavior-Based Safety program because it wasn’t effective. Unfortunately, not all Behavior Based Safety Programs work: 70 percent of them fail, leading to a loss of resources used to implement them, as well as a lack of critical safety improvements. Solutions like Anvl can reimagine how to approach Behavior-Based Safety.

For a near miss or good catch program, Anvl streamlines data capture straight from your workers in order to provide real-time solutions and feedback while keeping your workers engaged. For your safety audits and observations, leaders will be able to complete workflows that enable rich data capture that includes real-time photos, voice-to-text, and follow up questions to get to the core of the issue.

Why get off paper for your BBS program? Automated data collection ensures that your data is actionable and meaningful, allowing leaders to focus their efforts on what matters most — keeping your workers safe. 

Take Immediate Action When a Risk is Uncovered

Don’t let your data go stale. Anvl uncovers critical issues that would otherwise be trapped in paper forms and spreadsheets. Anvl’s easy-to-use workflows prompt real-time action and escalation, improving safety in-the-moment. Data collection is viewable in a live feed dashboard so leaders can make data actionable, not passive.

Any good Behavior Based Safety Program will collect and analyze data in order to gain insight for improvements in safety across the company. But collecting this information on hundreds or thousands of sheets of paper reports is expensive, slow and will cause delays in safety improvements. It’s important, now that the digital transformation tools are available, that companies set Connected Workers in the center, with tools to collect immediate, real-time, digital safety data from observations, mobile devices and sensors. Using automated technologies to capture data can collect leading indicators rapidly, so safety hazards can be detected quickly and prevented before they cause risks. 

Agile Continuous Improvements for your Program

It’s more than tallying numbers and hitting quotas — it’s about learning from the data and using it to your business advantage. Uncover critical insights and add structure and dimension to the data you capture so you can really learn from it. Anvl recommends improvements for safety performance based on what risks or hazards your team identified. You don’t need to wait for forms to be turned in and collected. With Anvl, you will be able to automate data collection and identify continuous improvements for safety.

Anvl will help take your Behavior-Based Safety Program to the Next Level

Go beyond a traditional Behavior-Based Safety program with Anvl. With Anvl, you will be able to measure the efficacy and health of your program. Learn more about our Behavior-Based Safety Software here and contact us for a custom demo.