So you’ve made the decision to digitally transform your company and make the transition to go from paper operations to digitization. If you do it right, it’s going to be a great move that continues to ensure you’re competitive in your respective market in the long-term. It’s also likely to streamline efficiency, productivity and even increase your profits. But, again, you have to do it right – that’s the big key. On this note, it’s important to understand that digitizing your company isn’t as simple as ripping off a Band-aid to enact significant change all at one time. It’s a process, and one that consists of taking gradual small steps. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the essential steps to take for successful digital transformation. Here’s a closer look: 

Why Gradual Steps are Most Successful

In the game of baseball, young players are taught the proper batting stance and swing technique so that they can regularly make contact with the ball. And once players can master this game in and game out, then they can swing for the fences. Think of any digital transformation strategy in a similar light – rather than swing for that home run right off the hop, first focus on mastering the little things so that you can get on base. It’s an error that many businesses make after they make the decision to digitize, in that they go for the giant, transformative leap (such as adopting advanced technology) rather than put in the work on the little things to help them get there. So before you consider grand scale improvements that turn your businesses’ operations upside down, chart a course of smaller, less dramatic changes first in a roadmap to help you reach your goals to eliminate gaps in your digital transformation efforts.

According to McKinsey research, it’s estimated that less than 30 percent of those who digitize are successful at it. And only about 16 percent state that they’ve actually improved their performance after digitizing. However, of the businesses that were successful implementing digital strategies, many of them aimed to get on base first before they swung for the grand slam:

  • About 85 percent integrated traditional web-based technologies.
  • About 80 percent used cloud-based services.
  • Nearly 70 percent used mobile solutions.

The aforementioned aren’t dramatic changes or implementations – they’re small steps that make a big difference when carried out appropriately. Remember, your company’s transformation journey is a marathon, not a sprint.

It’s the Little Things that Present the Best Results

There are so many reasons why you want to ensure you’re making small, gradual changes in your company’s foray into the digital world. For starters, a company that uses antiquated, paper-only methods and then adopting wide-scale advanced technology is going to overwhelm employees and lead to a greater investment in training. There’s also bound to be a bit of “rework” that you’ll have to do, that is revisit certain aspects of your digital transformation that were missed or that didn’t go well when you transitioned. On the other hand, a series of gradual improvements helps eliminate any gaps and ensures that workers aren’t left behind and scrambling to catch up with any new strategy. Taking smaller steps is also much more likely to get worker buy-in, as they can more easily adapt to small changes and realize the payoff before your company takes another step. 

Mobile solutions are one of the first steps that many companies take when digitizing – and for good reason. For example, smartphones are already in the pockets of your workers, so there isn’t the need to acquire any new technology. Mobile solutions are very easy to integrate and adapt to. They also streamline efficiency, and in real-time. And finally, they can enhance collaboration – which in turn improves productivity, efficiency, and quality.

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