Businesses can power their digital transformation by implementing a people-first approach to behavior change. The bottom line for success in any company is people—all of your people, at every level of the company. When you implement a new approach with your workers’ best interests in mind, behavior change can happen naturally; and technology like Anvl’s software can boost that transformation and success on multiple levels, creating a safer, more satisfying work environment for everyone. Let’s take a look at how technology can drive behavior change:

Power Your People to Undertake Digital Transformation

Many leaders get excited to introduce new technology into the work environment because they see possibilities. They might devote considerable time and resources in the new system, addressing structural issues and developing new processes. Unfortunately, many organizations forget to integrate their workers into the process from the beginning, leaving them playing catch up. Without clearly understanding the benefits of the change, workers struggle. 

Yet, when organizations involve their frontline workers in the adoption of new technologies, they can personally see how powerful and productive the new systems can make their work experience. Seeing the benefits first hand, and getting clear direction and support, workers will not only feel more ownership and personal investment in the behavior change, they’ll become change leaders in the movement toward digital transformation. 

In fact, one of the biggest benefits of a people-driven technological behavior shift is switching away from older, top-down corporate cultures to more connected, collaborative cultures where frontline workers and supervisors communicate more effectively and efficiently. This helps the entire organization adapt and become more agile. When workers have this kind of ownership, frontline workers really want to contribute to the success of the whole organization. This is especially true for up-and-coming younger workers. Job satisfaction depends on being an active participant in success and development of company culture, otherwise, there’s a real turnover risk. 

Technology Can Drive Behavior Change

The rush of technological change has already changed nearly everyone’s behavior. Remember when you had to pull your car off to the side of the road to get a good look at your paper map? Or when you had to look someone’s phone number up in a phone book? Once massive numbers of ordinary people experienced the convenience of using GPS or quickly finding a phone number with a tap, or a voice command on their smartphones, the paper atlas and the giant paper telephone book became archaeological relics of a bygone age. 

How can technological change create similar changes in your organization? What paper relics of a bygone age are still circulating in your company? How can your people help drive the behavior change that will quite naturally lead to more efficient, safer, more productive, higher quality work through digital transformation? It probably isn’t as difficult as you’d expect.

After all, the Pew Research Center’s data on mobile technology adoption shows that almost all worker demographics, including those over age 65, are comfortable with technology advances. Most of your workers, if not all of them, have already changed their day-to-day behavior based on technological advances. Work with them and give them clear directions and incentives for adopting new technology in the workplace, and chances are, they’ll be able to adopt and adapt to the changes faster than you think. 

Digital Transformation and Behavior Change

Consider areas of your business that already function better with technology, and act intentionally where people can see the benefits and have been using them for awhile. For example: 

  • Bolstering Communications—Improving communications between the frontline workers and supervisors is absolutely critical to both business development and safety. Broadening communication efforts through a technology solution like Anvl can bridge gaps, speed communication and better include remote workers in critical activities. 
  • Broadening Accessibility—A paperless solution like Anvl also helps frontline workers with increased accessibility, even in offline or low-internet remote worksites. This funnels into the better communication benefit, as well as improving safety… 
  • Improving Safety—Keeping your workers safe is really the most important thing you can do. If workers don’t feel safe, they will look elsewhere for work. Fortunately, technology like Anvl’s solution quickly identifies and assesses risks in real time, giving actionable solutions to supervisors and alerting frontline workers so risks can be mitigated and workers can avoid hazards before they occur. 
  • Boosting Quality—Workers gain insight that empowers them to respond to and prevent defects and compliance issues. The digital workflow experience also helps predict potential quality problems so they can be prevented. Supervisors and workers can better manage processes, procedures and responsibilities tied to achieving quality standards. 

Implement Tech for Your Workers 

What are some of your concerns about adopting new technology to complete your digital transformation? How can you get your frontline workers excited about new technology that can drive behavior change? Anvl has solutions that can address these questions in exciting and successful ways. Take a look at how it works for yourself with a free demo today.