Digital transformation – it’s such a heavily used phrase by leaders across all departments, but what can it bring to the quality front? In short, it is often underestimated by quality leaders, and can bring more benefits than you may think. Going digital is no longer optional in manufacturing and supply chains, simply because it is a standard in order to stay competitive. Why is this so? Quality leaders should prioritize digital transformation in 2022 in order to reduce cost of defects, standardize procedures, and drive workforce engagement.

Reducing costs of defects

Though all businesses strive to improve quality, learning new ways to effectively manage it is often overlooked or shrugged off as an additional, and perhaps even an unnecessary expense. Investing in digitizing your quality management procedures has significant improvements in ROI as well. 

Good digital solutions focused on quality rely heavily on data, and data can help companies catch product defects sooner or even go as far as preventing defects from happening in the first place. By doing so, your company will be able to streamline its product development process and minimize the time and financial commitment that goes toward scrap, rework and product replacements.

Standardize Procedures

Does each and every product your company produces meet your standards? By implementing a digital solution focused on quality, you’ll be able to better standardize procedures and give your workers more of an ability to make decisions in real-time. Quality-focused software also ensures that supervisors are better able to see progress and monitor potential issues on the shop floor and eliminate barriers to communication.

Drive Worker Engagement

Pencil whipping is one of the most common reasons quality defect goes undetected. This can be easily prevented by investing in a solution that engages workers in real-time. When implemented, digital software solutions drive up to 34 percent greater employee efficiency and a 2X gain in accelerating decision making. Solutions that support active participation from workers can provide significant payback in a short time. These solutions help ensure frontline workers and frontline leaders share in the responsibility of safety.

Prioritize Digital Transformation with Anvl’s Solutions for Quality Leaders

Anvl is a Connected Worker solution that helps organizations detect issues early, enhance communication and identify improvements. Engaging workers and identifying issues are just the beginning—quality managers understand it’s not about collecting the data, it’s about what you do with it. With Anvl, quality leaders will gain visibility into what is happening in real-time on the floor, and engage with what matters most. To get started with Anvl, click here and contact one of our experts today.