The team at Anvl is thrilled to announce a new set of reporting features that give you real-time, actionable insights into projects, processes, assessments, and so much more!

Workflow Drilldown Report helps you to

  1. Quickly pinpoint and address issues with work
  2. Uncover insights & trends for continuous improvement
  3. Identify opportunities for training, coaching, and feedback

Let’s take a deep dive into these features and what it means for your business:

Quickly Pinpoint & Address Issues With Work

It’s easy to miss issues when overloaded with data. To cut through the noise, Workflow Drilldown Report provides digestible views of your workflow questions. Quickly surface what matters most for your business.

View Work by Question

Zero in on your specific business questions with our new summarized response view. Reporting by time, group, & user helps you now answer questions like:

  1. Did all of my subcontractors fill out a waiver upon arrival?
  2. What hazards do workers encounter most?
  3. What items fail inspection most, and for what reasons?

Export Your Data With One Click

Quickly share findings and escalate issues to leadership with downloadable graphs. Say goodbye to hours of tabulating data and copying & pasting for good!

See Anvl in Action.
Workflow Drilldown report allows me to easily see pass/fail information for each product on the line. When I find fails, I can easily look at each workflow to see the specific response, widget, and user.

Uncover Insights & Trends for Continuous Improvement

Reduce data analytics time to mere minutes for always-on continuous improvement. Identify gaps, spot trends, and monitor changes in the procedures that matter most.

Evaluate Each Workflow & Outcomes

View entire workflows and how your workers use them so that you can confidently decide how to make work more cost-efficient, productive, and safe. Answer questions like,

  1. Did my workers fill out all required forms?
  2. Are we capturing all necessary information?
  3. Are some questions redundant or unneeded?

View Work Over Time

Take reporting to the next level by viewing how work changes over time. Leaders can pinpoint and zone in on responses over time with predefined and custom date selectors. See business trends clearly for the first time, without the hassle of tabulating data manually.

See Anvl in Action.
We noticed that our workers responded ‘N/A’ to a question 100% of the time. We removed that question right away, saving time for the team. It really adds up when they fill it out every day!

Identify Opportunities for Training, Coaching, and Feedback

Even when you’re not on-site, stay informed on how the job gets done. With Workflow Drilldown Report, leaders can evaluate work compliance from the level of a single user to a broader group, branch, or division. Then, engage workers with targeted feedback and training.

Review Performance by User

View summarized work completed by individual users and easily compare them to their peers. With this, you can now provide proper guidance and coaching for corrective action. By having a consistent feedback loop with workers, organizations will have a positive safety culture, less turnover, and more efficient safety operations.

Review Performance by Group, Branch, or Division

Keep operations consistent across the organization and even recognize branches that are positive examples. View if a group, branch, or division is leaving certain responses vague, incorrect, or blank consistently, and escalate this issue to promote training across the board.

See Anvl in Action.
When I started looking into one of my branches, I noticed a couple of my workers weren’t filling out their daily reports correctly. It turns out there was a gap in the branch’s training. Since then, we’ve rolled out new training, and the quality of their reports has improved significantly!

Anvl: Let’s Get to Work

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