The Problem

Before Anvl, Constellation’s Near Miss program relied on paper forms submitted manually by technicians. Nearly 12k Near Miss forms, pencil whipped by technicians, were transcribed on spreadsheets, creating thousands of hours of admin work and providing little to no ability for reporting or trending insights.

Constellation desperately needed a mobile first system to provide supervisors and technicians the ability to collaborate and streamline operations and safety.

The Solution

With the Anvl Mobile App, Constellation easily deployed a fully customized Near Miss program and immediately rolled out digital workflows for Safety Audits, Lockout-Tagout, Monthly Shop/Truck Audits, Vehicle Maintenance Checklists, and Hot Work Permits.

Now, roughly 400 Technicians and Supervisors have adopted and completed tens-of-thousands of digital workflows daily in the field, identifying hazards and risks right on the job.

The Results

Actionable Insights
The Anvl App enables Technicians to be 95% compliant across their safety program and complete thousands of workflows yearly, even when the app is offline. Leadership is able to see issues live and receive notifications of elevated risk. They can see trending hazards and understand issues facing crewmembers based on trustworthy information from voice-to-text, annotated photos, video, and e-signatures, to report accurately on completion & compliance and gather information on work environments.

Leading Indicators & Continuous Improvement
With thousands of traceable safety-related data points, Anvl is delivering Insights at scale that would not have been possible before. Constellation can now identify the top 5 issues their teams will face every quarter, some particularly dangerous. Anvl has identified thousands of operational “Materials” issues, which can cause unnecessary expenses in materials and time.

Since the rollout of Anvl, compliance is at an all time high. Anvl identified the future opportunity to focus on improved quality and accountability with our proprietary Strength Score & Power Score metrics, which enables leadership to easily assess overall safety performance at the regional, site, supervisor, and technician level.

With Anvl, Constellation is saving tens of thousands of dollars a month by increasing work efficiency and reducing admin time.

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