Since 1949, Hoosier Energy has served 18 member distribution cooperatives across Indiana and Illinois. As servicing 1,700 miles of transmission lines safely proved cumbersome, they brought in Anvl to strengthen and optimize their safety operations, improving their culture along the way.

    The Challenge

    Before Anvl, Hoosier Energy substation and meter relay teams completed tedious Job Safety Assessments (JSA) on paper and collected those forms monthly.

    Office supervisors relied on the honor system that JSAs were complete before work began, all hazards mitigated, and PPE & permissions provided.

    They needed a new system to improve their job oversight and drive proactive safety change.

    The Solution

    Anvl’s dedicated customer success manager worked with Hoosier Energy to author a custom Job Safety Assessment (JSA) workflow that met their specific needs – including worksite photos, eSignatures, and Live Line Releases.

    Today, Hoosier Energy teams easily complete JSAs on their smartphones while office supervisors can monitor real-time safety reports and proactively respond to hazards (or missing data).

    The Results

    480% Increase in Safety Compliance
    In their first month, Hoosier Energy saw a 480% increase in completed Job Safety Assessments (JSA) and now has access to previously unattainable data integrity.

    Rich Collaboration & Safety Culture
    With Anvl’s live feed and alerts, office supervisors better understand the situations frontline workers regularly see, enabling collaborative safety improvements across the organization.

    Improved Company Efficiency
    Frontline workers now easily complete reports in moments with automatic pre-fill, voice-to-text, and pictures. For leaders, the days of pencil whipping, storage, and manual data entry is officially over.

    Actionable Metrics & Insights
    Supervisors now set measurable goals beyond recordable incidents, including report strength. Furthermore, they identify trending hazards to provide additional training and equipment.

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