The Problem

An Anvl client was made aware of an external industry safety incident at a facility that could just as easily happen to them if not addressed. During routine work using motorized equipment, an explosion occurred causing over $2 million in damage, hours of lost production time, and an extremely hazardous work site. With nothing currently in place to identify and address this potential issue in their Job Safety Assessment (JSA) and prevent an incident like this, the client took the opportunity to be proactive rather than reactive.

The Solution

The client worked with Anvl to immediately update their custom JSA and within hours, this issue was highlighted and uniquely tracked to ensure workers are made aware with relevant, contextual information on what to look for. Now, photographic evidence is captured as the work is being done via Anvl’s mobile app and supervisors and safety leaders are automatically notified of issues in real-time, and workers are prompted to stop work if the machine appears unsafe.

If the client did not have the Anvl app and was still using paper forms, this quick addition would have been nearly impossible; they would have to spend hours recreating, translating into multiple languages, printing, and shipping paper forms globally, then training employees on what to look for. With the Anvl app, the client can provide easy instructions and context that frontline workers can understand in a matter of clicks, in their native language.

The Benefits

Proactive and Preventative Measures
With Anvl’s modern, SaaS platform, clients are able to proactively and quickly update the proprietary logic of their Safety, Quality, and Operations workflows, preventing unsafe work for their employees, at no additional cost to the business.

Worker Safety at the Forefront
With the Anvl app, employees have the safety solution they deserve, preventing injury and providing a better working experience.

Mitigate Risks
Anvl allows safety leaders to mitigate risks by reducing worker’s compensation claims and OSHA fines, saving the business time and money.

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