From long drives to complex repairs, the role of a Field Service Technician is ever-changing and highly variable. For an industrial equipment supplier, ensuring the safety of their field teams is of the utmost importance.

However, with their company’s Task Analysis Plans (TAPs) stuck on paper, they struggled to ensure compliance and identify continuous improvement opportunities. By partnering with Anvl, they have

  1. Increased Task Analysis Plan (TAP) compliance from 2 to 93% using mobile-first, smart workflows.
  2. Gained real-time insight into work and rich analytics integrated directly into business analysis and work order management systems.
  3. Seen efficiency gains across the organization.

The Challenge

Before partnering with Anvl, the industrial supplier’s technicians used paper Task Analysis Plans (TAPs) to identify potential hazards, ensure PPE is present, and complete all required inspections and permits.

Despite requiring technicians to complete two TAP reports per week, the team only received a small handful per month. Once they received a completed report, they relied on time-consuming manual data entry that was prone to human error, making it easy for potential issues to pass unseen.

They knew there was a better way.

The Right Solution

By partnering with Anvl, Field Service Technicians now receive a prompt in the ServiceMax iPad App to complete a Task Analysis Plan (TAP). Using photos and voice-to-text, technicians fill out TAPs step-by-step without navigating to yet another app –– Even when the internet is unavailable.

With Anvl’s Smart Workflow capabilities, they infuse logic into their processes. If a technician identifies a hazard or a required permit, Anvl automatically prompts the necessary documentation for workers to complete. To the technician, this process is seamless. To the back office, they receive real-time notifications and can view the technicians’ responses as it’s completed.

Now, they see 90%+ of technicians hitting their 2 TAPs a week goal.

The Right Intelligence

Using Anvl, the industrial supplier now has a stream of trustworthy, real-time data entering their business insights tool, opening a world of reporting and continuous improvement opportunities. Manual data entry is a thing of the past!

Leaders can quickly review Anvl data to discover who is/is not hitting their reporting goals, what hazards technicians encounter, where there are training opportunities, and understand the current condition of their tools and PPE.

“As we collect more and more data, we get more insight into what’s actually happening in the field and where we need greater focus.”

The Right Partnership

Anvl’s dedicated customer success manager worked with the industrial supplier to author a custom TAP workflow that met their specific needs and supported the rollout by providing technician training and one-to-one support.

“On our first day, we received more completed reports than we saw in a year!

As learnings come in, Anvl continues to partner with their team on workflow improvements and identify additional areas of opportunity. The team is now expanding Anvl to support their Vehicle Maintenance Checklist and Find It, Fix It Tool Maintenance Workflows.

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