Digital transformation leaders in manufacturing are understandably anxious to find solutions that move them forward into Industry 4.0 as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the rush to integrate new ideas sometimes causes leaders to choose the “easiest” solution without foreseeing how well that solution will help them grow. This has led to many companies adopting paper digitization solutions like iAuditor. Unfortunately, a form builder like this is only a partial step toward digital transformation. It cannot flex like most companies need it to. Connected Worker Solutions like Anvl, on the other hand, have the tools needed to connect workers, get the most out of various sources of data and really take companies toward continuous improvement. If you’re looking for an iAuditor alternative, see why Anvl is the best option for your business.

Why You May Be Looking for an iAuditor Alternative

Form builder apps like iAuditor aren’t very sustainable for the long haul. True, they can take your old paper documentation and digitize it. This is great, of course, but there are limitations growing companies will start bumping into weeks or months later. 

One reason is that form fillers like iAuditor are only about as flexible as paper itself. As new opportunities arrive, new forms need to be created. Your needs shift, and suddenly the form filler isn’t able to grow with you. It can also be hard to pull and analyze data in the digitized paper to gain immediate insight. 

Additionally, form builders aren’t very engaging or helpful for workers. Your workers are your greatest resource, and if they aren’t able to quickly get the real-time data they need from a form filler, they will quickly grow frustrated. The fact is, workers already use complex, engaging apps on their own mobile devices to help them accomplish things they need to do. They are ready for something more to help them make strides in the workplace too. 

Smart, Guided Workflows: The Growth-Minded Alternative to iAuditor

No matter where your company is on its journey to digital transformation, selecting a solution that provides automated workflows is a smart, growth-minded alternative. Not only can a workflow solution like Anvl digitize paper files like a form filler, it can do so much more to help your company grow into the future. Here are 5 ways that Anvl provides that long-term alternative: 

1. Automated Workflows are Customizable

One of the difficulties with form builders is that they shoehorn you into a “one-size-fits-all” format that simply doesn’t work for very long. Your company has one-of-a-kind goals and challenges. You need a solution that can be adapted to fit with your business goals, safety requirements, quality objectives and operations. Anvl provides that customizable flexibility that you need now with our team of experts.

2. Anvl’s Workflows Provide Data to Spur Continuous Improvement 

Three critical areas where Anvl’s workflows can help with rapid improvement are safety, quality and operations. By gathering data from numerous sources in real time, even at remote locations, employees themselves have immediate data they need to make smart, safe decisions, to stop quality problems rapidly, and to see where operations can be streamlined for more efficiency. Anvl lifts insight out of data so everyone can act on it quickly. 

3. A Connected Worker Solution

Digital form filler packages are still just forms in electronic format, like a Google Survey. Automated workflows like Anvl become trusted advisors for workers throughout the facility, and even at remote locations, because of their data analysis powers. Pairing workers with mobile solutions that churn through the data for insight can help workers personally become safety leaders, quality leaders and operations innovators themselves. 

4. Anvl Provides Trusted Support

Many form filler apps are “self-help” guided, so it’s hard to get support when you need it, where you need it. Anvl, on the other hand, comes with an expert support team who gets to know your needs and helps you customize solutions, all the way from beginning to customization, implementation and day-to-day support. If your needs change, Anvl is there to help you adapt at every stage. And, Anvl provides a free solution assessment, so you can see how Anvl can flex to fit your processes and procedures.

5. Anvl Can Get You There Faster

Why spend time and resources on only half of a solution to your digital transformation challenges? Although form builder apps like iAuditor seem like the “easy” first step, many companies outgrow them within a year, and find themselves in need of the next step. That’s time you can’t afford to waste. Onboarding automated workflows is easier than you’d think, especially with support from Anvl, and with workers who have been ready for a long time to start using the same kind of smart mobile solutions at work that they use in their daily lives anyway. 

Looking for an iAuditor Alternative? Anvl Has Your Back.

Anvl provides one central, mobile platform that helps everyone boost safety, improve quality and streamline operations, spurring continuous improvement for the long game of your company. Click here to see Anvl in action, and contact our experts about your needs right now.