Connected worker platforms are a growing market in a post COVID world. While the frontline has been working through the entire pandemic, manufacturing leadership now has a clear and easy path to invest in solutions that will make operations more streamlined — That path is through digital transformation. As a matter of fact, according to Polaris Market Research, connected worker platforms should be the prioritized investment for manufacturing leadership. Connected worker platforms in an industrial environment might seem daunting and intimidating to a workforce more accustomed to punching a time clock and communicating gripes and suggestions to management via collective bargaining. Nevertheless, mobile connected worker platforms like Anvl are easy to integrate because the solution is embedded in devices that workers are already familiar with — smartphones and tablets. 

Mobile Connected Worker Platforms for Communication

Mobile Connected Worker Platforms are more than just digitizing your paper processes. It’s about maintaining communication between workers and supervisors in an efficient and engaging way. By putting the solution in the hands of the worker, issues can be resolved faster. Here are some ways how:

1. Goal alignment that matches safety considerations, delivers procedural guidance, and calls a timeout when a step is skipped: If someone on the job sees something amiss, the report travels quickly before safety shortcuts turn into disasters.

2. Compliance assurance to deliver a quality product: Quality standards are the safeguards against product failure or malfunction. That assurance can be documented and entered into the platform for process verification through checklists tied to ensuring quality standards. 

3. Real-time visibility to maintain productivity. That visibility leads to quick identification of problems and adds automated interventions through automated alerts and post-production audit trails.

4. Analytics that drive manufacturing improvement. One of the greatest benefits of data collection is that, with the best analytical tools, that data can help manufacturing experts with insights to drive improvements across the spectrum of manufacturing.

Why Mobile?

As mobile developers continue to improve and harden their operating systems, the technology will spill over to other mobile devices and give everyone high-speed internet access on the factory floor and in the field. Mobile solutions and apps are instant, turnkey solutions to launching connected work platforms like Anvl. These pocket-sized solutions will increase communication between workers and supervisors, be easy-to-use, are engaging, and are not a costly investment. The decision is simple – move forward with mobile connected worker platforms.

Anvl is a Mobile Connected Worker Platform

With a single application that works across mobile devices, Anvl provides a connected worker platform for safety, quality assurance, training and operations. The Anvl team of platform experts can help in setting up, training, and unlocking your critical data, eliminating burdensome paperwork, and keeping your workers and managers connected.

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