Field service workers are the backbone of many important industries, and they can particularly benefit from connected worker solutions that put data to work for them while out and about on their jobs. In fact, digital technologies have already interrupted how field service workers accomplished their jobs, but in a good way. With the right data tools in their hands, connected workers are able to improve the service they provide clients, stay safer and innovate streamlined solutions that arise from the data they are now able to analyze on the go. Here is how connected workers will transform the field service industry and bring a safer and more productive workplace.

The Connected Worker and Field Service

The connected worker is more than just a field service employee with a smartphone, tablet, wearable or other connected device. It’s a way of making a team between the workers and the data they need to do their jobs. The analytics tools that make their jobs easier, that provide helpful insight and warn of potential dangers, are supposed to become trusted co-workers out in the field. These tools are enormously helpful in industries from construction and utilities to healthcare and transportation, and everything in between. And now, in a world that has had to adjust to COVID-19, even more work is happening remotely. This means connected worker solutions are more important than ever before in helping teams stay connected, informed and together, even at a distance. 

For field service leadership, this means careful consideration about what types of technological resources will provide the most help and insight to workers, so they can perform their jobs properly. It also means making ongoing training a constant effort—not a one-and-done sort of seminar. It also takes a culture shift to some extent: from a reactive mindset to a proactive mindset where everyone is working to prevent accidents, injuries and quality issues. With the right connected worker solutions, the insight gathered from more data sources and synthesized for clarity can actually make this shift much easier and more natural. In fact, many workers are eager for these solutions, and they can become safety and quality leaders in their own right, with the right tools to help them. 

How Connected Workers Benefit Field Service Leaders

Field service workers have a lot of responsibilities. Having access to documents and data, including data from sensor technology on Internet of Things (IoT) systems can get them the tools they need to do a great job, stay safe and keep everything they need to do within compliance for all regulations. Here are just a few examples. 

  • Field service workers can more easily track warranty and entitlement documents. If a failed machine part is still under warranty, the worker can quickly check whether or not it should be replaced free of charge. 
  • IoT systems can collect data that helps workers track and analyze whether certain parts from a certain lot or run are more likely to need replacement, track defects and help ensure that those are replaced before problems arise and alert headquarters that a quality issue can be remedied and avoided. 
  • Connected worker solutions enable them to quickly run a host of diagnostics tests on equipment, some of which may be able to be updated or repaired remotely by sending a software fix. Being better able to determine whether or not to dispatch someone to do onsite maintenance or not can save time, resources and enhance safety. 

The Connected Worker is Safer and More Productive

When workers have all of the information, data insight and tools they need to stay well-informed and up-to-date, they have a much better work experience and can accomplish their tasks more efficiently, more safely and productively. Even on the road and at remote work sites, they can be alerted to updates, procedures, safety hazards and any type of communication that can help them stay connected to headquarters in real time. By the same token, they can send critical information back to headquarters faster. Then everyone, in all locations, can use the data analytics tools in a connected worker solution like Anvl to gain quality insight for continuous improvement. That invaluable data can identify leading indicators that can help propel your business forward. 

Anvl: A Connected Worker Solution for Field Service

Anvl is a connected worker solution to your field service crew and your whole business, improving safety, quality and operations across the board. See Anvl in action here, and be sure to contact our experts today to discuss your needs.