Robin Fleming’s guest on this episode of the Innovation of Work podcast is Abby Ferri, CSP.

Abby Ferri is a practical, creative, and influential safety and risk management consultant, podcaster, and author. She leverages social media, voice, and the latest technology to advocate for worker safety and equity. Her years in construction prepared her for any industry, and her innovative approach has impacted thousands of workers, students, and safety peers worldwide.

Hear more from Abby through her weekly Safety News podcast and as a co-host on the Safety Justice League podcast. Learn more about Abby at

Content Timeline

00:46 – Getting started in safety.
04:36 – Opportunities for improvement within safety.
10:30 – The concept behind The Safety Habit.
16:24 – Tips for getting away from bad habits.
18:15 – Women in trade and technical roles.
24:10 – Women in safety and mentoring the next generation of female safety leaders.
29:00 – What’s on the wishlist for safety technology?
31:50 – Barriers to technology adoption and getting started.
35:33The Safety Justice League.

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