Anurag Garg joins Robin on this episode of the Innovation of Work podcast.

Anurag Garg is the Vice President of Product Management for Platform Analytics and IIoT at Plex Systems, and is responsible for strategy and delivery of Plex’s Connected Manufacturing and IntelliPlex products.

As the former co-founder and CEO of DATTUS, which Plex acquired in 2018, Anurag has been featured in Pumps and Systems, Smart Industry, and Manufacturing Automation. He was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2017, included in the list of 40 under 40 Midwest Energy Leaders by Midwest Energy News in 2016, and named a Clean Energy Power Player by environmental entrepreneurial group E2C in the same year. Anurag received his bachelor’s and master’s degree from Purdue University, both in electrical engineering, and dropped out of his PhD program in pursuit of entrepreneurial endeavors.

Content Timeline

00:20 – Introduction and origin story as an entrepreneur.

08:03 – Continuing the vision with Plex and starting a new role.

11:34 – Innovation and improvement within manufacturing. How much potential there is for transformation within the manufacturing industry.

14:45 – Agile mindset and agility within manufacturing.

17:38 – Current trends within Internet of Things.

23:06 – IoT and the frontline worker.

26:55 – The transition to smart manufacturing and trends in modernizing manufacturing.

30:32 – Impacts of COVID on manufacturing.

36:24 – The critical role manufacturing plays in our lives.

38:11 – The importance of innovation for frontline workers. 40% of the manufacturing workforce will retire in 10 years. For manufacturers to compete they need to fill that talent or optimize. Are you catering to your current and evolving workforce?

41:23 – Technology adoption and involving the frontline in transformation. You have to move everything within interconnected systems forward together in transformation including the people.

44:09 – Looking to innovation in the future.

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