Professionals in the manufacturing industry have long understood the need to be adaptable. From year to year, these leaders review how new, long-term solutions can help streamline productivity. There are plenty of opportunities to improve the ways we work. And getting the right systems in place for your team doesn’t just benefit the business as a whole— for example, a connected workforce drives engagement among all workers, and seeks to increase productivity and efficiency.

Manufacturing Plant Leadership

The goal of any leadership position is to guide your people down the right path and protect your team’s best interests. You have a lot to analyze. There are the immediate concerns of keeping up with your day-to-day operations. But at the same time, you’re also looking ahead. Leaders are always working to find the right tools to empower their employees and support  the entire company process.

Monitoring your employee satisfaction is a key part of keeping everything on track. After all, even in today’s digital age, people matter most. That’s why it’s so important that any technology you’re adopting is actually user-friendly. Otherwise, the investment might just hold you back and make employees feel worse and even more frustrated.

Across the board, nearly 70 percent of the workforce is actively disengaged. The Gallup organization reminds us of this every couple of years. This is the challenge that good leaders are looking to solve. Within manufacturing especially, it’s crucial for teams to start moving toward a process that’s centered around the connected worker.

How Do We Make the Switch?

Everyone has been resistant to change at one point or another. But learning about other organizations’ success with connected solutions can help give manufacturing leaders confidence moving forward with better and smarter solutions. Now that 84 percent of workers agree that it’s important to use tech at work, it’s time for companies to deliver. Of course, the switch has to happen for the right reasons.

The Harvard Business Review has reported that 40 percent of disengaged workers are feeling isolated in the workplace. Whether physical or emotional, the sense of disconnection that employees are experiencing always has a ripple effect. Strong work environments give every individual the necessary equipment and tools to do their job as effectively as possible. Working with the appropriate tech is a great way to address concerns surrounding engagement.

Setting up your team with a variety of different apps or platforms might, in theory, make them more “connected.” But what matters most is getting the right strategy in place. Otherwise, working with the new tech could become more trouble than it’s really worth. The best way to embrace a connected environment is by utilizing a single platform. Then workers can manage their own tasks, which helps everyone be more efficient and engaged.

Long-Term Benefits of a Connected Workforce

When handled correctly, the process of connecting your workforce will lead to better communication. Paper processes are slow and inefficient, and yet companies still have their own hesitations about switching to new tech. But when you’re matched with the right solution, it’s a lot easier to move forward with confidence.

As workers become more empowered to leverage technology, there’s a direct correlation to drive greater performance. Many of the best software solutions are easy to implement too. Technology should be a benefit, not a hassle. Anvl’s connected worker platform is mobile-friendly to help complement your own day-to-day interactions. Taking steps of active change can help give your workers a voice in the work they do. The connectivity also serves to recognize their work and acknowledge the value of individual contributions. All of that supports a positive and supportive work environment.

Drive Worker Engagement with Anvl

Our mission here at Anvl is to provide teams with tech that makes life easier on-the-job. A connected workforce drives engagement, better efficiency, lowers stress, and a smoother workflow helps everyone feel better at the end of the day. We have one platform to help drive your connected, more engaged workforce. It’s quick to learn and deploy. Plus, it’s all designed to match your own process. Click here to see a demo in action, and then contact one of our experts today!