FISHERS, Indiana (December 31, 2020). Anvl is excited to be announced as a winner of Powderkeg’s 2020 Tech Culture Awards and recognized nationally for our outstanding career path, work/life balance, and our phenomenal leadership and product teams. Overall, Anvl is recognized as one of the best company cultures in tech in communities beyond Silicon Valley.  

Powderkeg’s Tech Culture Awards offer an opportunity to showcase different technology teams’ strengths and how company culture is unique and successful, despite the challenges brought by 2020. The award winners were selected after their participation in Powderkeg’s 2020 Tech Culture Awards, a survey that gathered information from technology-powered software, hardware, product, and services companies across the country about the culture within their workplace. Employees rated their companies and employers on several topics that contribute to company culture, including leadership, diversity and inclusion, career path, work-life balance, and remote work. There are also categories based on teams and regions where companies are headquartered. Awards are based on application responses and survey rankings by each company’s employees. 

Culture is huge in tech. It drives the way tech professionals push themselves to continue innovating and challenging the norm. This achievement could not have been made, however, without the hard work and dedication of each of our Anvl team members. Each person on our team brings their own unique strengths to the table, and ultimately fosters a positive work culture that makes remote work productive, fun, and enjoyable. To meet the members of the Anvl Team, check out the Anvl Team page.

Over the summer, Anvl also participated in the AFWERX Fusion Base of the Future Initiative, specifically the Culture of Innovation challenge, with the goal to help the USAF strengthen and perpetuate a culture of innovation by improving workforce agility and eliminating barriers to change.

The year of 2020 has been a year full of uncertainty, but has also demonstrated an opportunity to build resilience and drive positive culture changes in the workplace. Our team at Anvl has worked hard to take on unexpected challenges and prioritize a positive company culture that continually seeks to improve.

About Anvl
Anvl helps companies gain efficiency through mobile data collection, worker guidance, and data insights. Anvl’s solution empowers workers to make decisions in real-time that meet the company’s safety, quality, and operational goals, while driving culture change within the business. To see Anvl in Action, click here and contact one of our experts today.