INDIANAPOLIS (September 13, 2022) — Anvl announced today, in collaboration with Cummins Inc., the selection of Anvl’s Connected Worker Application as the global solution for frontline worker safety. Building upon North America’s success, the expansion allows Cummins to deliver localized, custom safety workflows such as Job Safety Assessments (JSA) to thousands of users across 50 Countries.

“Cummins is committed to bringing our safety processes into the 21st century and furthering our progress towards an interdependent safety culture. By leveraging Anvl, we can place resources at our employees’ fingertips that will empower them to perform their jobs safely and efficiently while having direct input at the site, regional, and global level,” said Chris Shieldsmith, Health & Safety Center of Excellence Global Leader with Cummins.

Anvl Reduces Workforce Injuries

Anvl enables industrial enterprises, like Cummins, with mobile-first, dynamic-logic workflows to push instructional content, ensure global procedural controls and capture rich contextual data in real-time. Since 2019, Cummins’ workers have completed more than 1 million workflows, resulting in hundreds of data-driven improvements, increased worker safety, and standardization of company processes.

“Anvl has increased the quality of communications between technicians, managers, and HSE Leaders, contributing to a reduction in the severity of incidents. Anvl also gives us data and insights to uncover multi-level leading indicators, allowing us to take a proactive stance within safety,” said Chris Shieldsmith.

Anvl Drives Industrial Sustainability Goals

Through Anvl’s Connected Worker Platform, employees stay connected and informed, no matter where they are in the world. Today, Anvl customers see a noticeable reduction in their carbon footprint by removing unnecessary travel, reducing scrap production, eliminating paper use, and identifying equipment malfunctions early.

Cummins alone has saved over 1.1 million sheets of paper in North America! The selection of Anvl as their global frontline safety solution will reduce their paper footprint by an additional 1 million sheets per year. That’s 129,816 kg (286,200 lbs) by 2050! Equivalent to 10 QSK95 Cummins engines!

Anvl’s Momentum in Digital Transformation

“We’re thrilled to see continued adoption of Anvl across Cummins and all our clients,” said Zach Taylor, Anvl’s CEO. “Our growth is a result of the impact leaders have seen across safety, compliance, and quality.” Anvl is currently on pace to more than double its revenue and customer base, driving significant momentum into the second half of 2022.

Anvl continues to rapidly deliver new features that the market needs today while enabling tomorrow’s industry 4.0 – and even 5.0 – opportunities of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and other advanced technologies that rely on clear, consistent, and complete data.

“No two industrial companies are alike. The power of Anvl is that we enable each organization we work with to lean into their unique and ideal processes and work streams. And we integrate with their existing tech stack, so the experience for management, IT, and frontline workers is incredibly easy. Which all leads to faster time to value.”

Your Business. Safer.

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