FISHERS, Ind. (October 13, 2020)   — Anvl, a software company helping businesses protect and support frontline workers, has added new visibility into crucial business data needed to support safe and productive work. Dashboard improvements and added reports in Anvl’s latest release offer greater visibility into areas of elevated risk that are identified in real time from millions of data points and tens of thousands of assessments.  

The dashboard information and detailed reports are populated by frontline workers and supervisors using a workflow driven data collection and communication mobile application. Submitted information populates Anvl in real time and enables management to intervene as early as possible to avoid safety incidents or productivity gaps.

Worker concerns and safety should not be delayed. Enhancements within Anvl’s real time dashboard provides quick access to information from frontline workers, including stopped jobs, flagged concerns, areas where intervention is needed, and more. 

First thing when logging into Anvl, immediate actions are surfaced to highlight important alerts that are new and unresolved. Further detail to help understand potential issues is a click away.

Anvl’s real time dashboard allows access to all workflows and related details. Quick filter buttons at the top of the page enable immediate access to the most important categories including stopped jobs and interventions. Further drill down capabilities include sorting by individual process, specific time frame, or searching by name. 

In order to protect and support workers, collected data associated with identified risks and concerns must be actionable. Added reports within Anvl surface details to make this possible, allowing leading areas of concern to be surfaced at a glance.

Identifying risks and providing actionable data to drive timely interventions helps bolster employee engagement. As shared by Anvl CEO and Co-Founder, Robin Fleming, “Workers who feel they have a voice, demonstrated through management action, are more likely to be engaged in their daily work. We make leading indicators more actionable and more proactive so that intervention and action can occur.”

The end result is higher employee satisfaction, higher quality work, and more importantly less workplace injuries.

About Anvl

Anvl helps companies protect and support workers by equipping the frontline with real time guidance, easy-to-use mobile data entry, and real time feedback. Allowing companies to eliminate paperwork, improve processes, and gain crucial insights needed to improve safety, quality, and productivity. Anvl keeps workers and managers connected and informed to support positive changes in culture.

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