At the beginning of every year, leaders should prioritize finding new ways to reimagine their safety processes to make them more effective, efficient, and ultimately drive safety improvements across a business. Looking forward into the new year, and with the abundance of new technologies in place, where should you begin researching the best way to digitally transform your safety process? It all comes down to taking small steps for digital transformation, implement a connected worker solution, and utilizing mobile solutions to your advantage. Here are three ways you can reimagine your safety processes in 2022:

Take Small Steps for Digital Transformation

According to McKinsey research, it’s estimated that less than 30 percent of those who digitize are successful at it. And only about 16 percent state that they’ve actually improved their performance after digitizing. However, of the businesses that were successful implementing digital strategies, many of them aimed to take small, gradual steps at implementing solutions rather than making a huge jump forward.

There are so many reasons why you want to ensure you’re making small, gradual changes in your company’s foray into the digital world. For starters, a company that uses antiquated, paper-only methods and then adopting wide-scale advanced technology is going to overwhelm employees and lead to a greater investment in training. There’s also bound to be a bit of “rework” that you’ll have to do, that is revisit certain aspects of your digital transformation that were missed or that didn’t go well when you transitioned. On the other hand, a series of gradual improvements helps eliminate any gaps and ensures that workers aren’t left behind and scrambling to catch up with any new strategy. Taking smaller steps is also much more likely to get worker buy-in, as they can more easily adapt to small changes and realize the payoff before your company takes another step.

Implement a Connected Worker Solution

In today’s day and age, a key strategy leaders incorporating technology into the daily life of workers on the frontlines. Investing in safety through connected worker solution technology is a great way to make sure employee safety comes first and see major fiscal boosts in ROI on the safety programs a manufacturing leadership team is investing in. 

Connected worker solutions include any software, hardware, or technology process that collects and analyzes data real time from connected devices and systems. This real time data analysis can produce real-time understanding of process and current actions, in many cases serving up real time suggestions or next steps to ensure safety protocols are being followed. Additionally, the breadth and depth of data collected by connected worker solutions can help manufacturing leadership identify safety concerns before they fully materialize, saving time, money, and most importantly lives before a problem even arises. 

Utilize Mobile Solutions

Since more than 96% of younger workers already have smartphones, mobile solutions are less likely to cause any friction in adoption of new processes because they are familiar with the tech. These solutions capture and unlock real-time data to help businesses increase worker safety and streamline operations. Products like Anvl even provide guided, digital workflow experiences that serve to support and guide workers.

Reimagine your Safety Processes with Anvl

Anvl is a mobile Connected Worker Solution that helps organizations detect issues early, enhance communication and identify improvements to boost product quality, increase worker safety, and streamline operations. To learn more about Anvl’s safety solutions, click here or contact one of our experts today.