Safety in the workplace can often be overlooked or not taken seriously enough. Every year, more than 5,000 people are killed on the job and more than 2.8 million suffer job-related injuries or illnesses. Safety leadership always strives for continuous improvement in operations, equipment and worker engagement in hopes to decrease incidents. By finding innovative ways to train teams to identify hazards and support them in making the right decisions in the moment can result in safer work environments. 

Safety leadership is more than overseeing the general day-to-day of your organization’s safety program. Leading is about influencing employees and colleagues to meet the goals of your organization and safely fulfill their roles. A safer work environment can also benefit the bottom line, professional development and general business success as well.

One key way to create a safer workplace and obtain those benefits is investing in connected worker solutions that incorporate visual literacy training. Here are four benefits of incorporating Connected Worker Solutions with visual literacy training.

Improve risk mitigation and reduce SIFs

Daily work practices that include visual literacy and enhanced hazard recognition can dramatically improve risk mitigation and reduce serious injuries and fatalities (SIFS). Safety leaders and supervisors can engage employees with the right training and smart technology that uses leading indicator data, which identifies risks like moving vehicles and trip hazards, resulting in early hazard identification and mitigation. Investing in connected worker solutions, implemented directly on a mobile phone or tablet and includes visual literacy training, enhances workers’ ability to see hazards and communicate them appropriately. This combination of tools supports determining what risk the hazards represent and the appropriate action to mitigate the potential impact. Collecting this information in real-time through connected worker solutions can help leaders understand the risk profiles of their work areas and proactively resolve safety concerns before incidents occur.

Continuous improvements

Technology that empowers workers to capture data at the point that matters most can connect workers and supervisors to critical, incoming data in ways that help find new opportunities for continuous improvement each day. Connected worker solutions like Anvl offer real-time visibility to capture data and insights into trends and top areas of risks for agile continuous improvements. Logic-based, data-driven workflows in Anvl provide up-to-the-minute data about processes helping companies stop problems earlier and faster. As a result, companies can propel their digital transformation and drive continuous improvements.

Better data digestion and analysis

Enhancing workers’ ability to interpret, negotiate and make meaning from information allows them to collect data that is more accurate and complete. Collecting this critical data in real-time through connected worker technology can help leadership identify, escalate and communicate safety concerns before they fully materialize. And, this data can be automated in real-time in order to evaluate trends over time and identify areas for improvement or attention. 

Frontline worker wellness and development of critical thinking skills

Visual literacy helps prevent frontline workers from feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by the amount of data and mission-critical info they are capturing (audits, observations, checklists, compliance, work permits, assessments, etc.) 

Visual literacy training and connected worker software that provides leading indicators in real-time can truly improve your safety program, improve engagement and identify and mitigate risks at the earliest point. By working hand-in-hand, connected worker solutions and visual literacy training can provide the best hazard recognition capabilities and in-the-moment support for your workforce that not only create a safer work environment but also benefit the professional development of frontline workers and your bottom line. 

Anvl’s Connected Worker Solution

Anvl is a Connected Worker software platform that helps organizations detect issues early, enhance communication and identify improvements. Our flexible application supports quality, safety and operations. If you are still using paper to operationalize your safety and quality programs – we can help. We convert your paperwork and forms to smart digital workflows in Anvl by adding rich data such as photos and voice to text – making compliance, standardization and data capture consistent and easy. Click here to see how Anvl works and contact one of our experts today.