Work permits are important and required for a reason. They ensure that your workers are performing the job in the safest manner possible, and serve as a guide to prevent violations or injury. 

Paper work permits have been the go-to for decades. It’s considered the status quo. But, what if instead of settling for the status quo, to instead turn to digital innovation to save more time and money? Take a glimpse as to why digital work permits for worker safety are less costly, yield high ROI, save your business time, and fulfill the purpose of making a work environment as safe as possible by utilizing Anvl’s unique digital permitting solution. 

Go Paperless

Often, businesses struggle to make the transition from paper operations to digital solutions. However, Anvl’s digital permitting solution can enhance your permitting process in a way that paper can’t. 

Anvl utilizes expanded data collection methods in order to ensure that work is completed in the proper way. For example, when completing Lockout/ Tagout (LOTO), workers can take a picture of the lock and annotate photos to call attention to specific areas of interest. And, supervisors can utilize our digital signature feature to sign off on approved work remotely. This means increased efficiency and a guarantee that work is done properly.

Anvl’s software eliminates paper permits and transforms the current process into an easy to use guided experience for the user. The ROI is not only in improved workforce productivity, but also in eliminating paperwork. The average business spends about $7,500 per employee on costs associated with paper, so by eliminating paper use within an organization, a business will not only have more efficient operations, but also less costly ones.

Time-saving Technology

Time is precious in a business. That’s why Anvl is geared to streamline operations and boost productivity and efficiency.

Other digital permitting solutions offer visibility in terms of allowing supervisors to see what work permits are being completed where. However, at Anvl, we take this one step further and allow for communication between supervisors and the workforce to ensure that risks are mitigated in the moment, even when supervisors are in remote locations. 

Through Anvl’s software, digital safe work permits offer real-time alerts and visibility, and every type of permit is accessible in a single application. In fact, by including other processes in Anvl, workers can have everything they need for safety, quality and general work instructions in one easy to use application. Anvl also has the ability for workflows to trigger other routes of workflows based on the answers your workers provide.

Our digital permitting solution allows in-the-moment notifications and alerts that speed up the permitting process, inform key stakeholders in real-time, and allow for actionable escalations or expedite needed approvals.. And, the approved permits are accessible throughout the whole work environment and provide visibility across multi-location organizations. 

We understand this information is crucial to keep operations moving; that’s why we have developed a solution that not only eliminates the need for paper, but also speeds up the process so that work gets done.

Digital Permit Workflows

Anvl’s digital permitting solution allows for businesses to work with our team of experts to custom make a series of permit workflows that can help guide workers through the permits they need to complete, as well as establish internal standards and allow for communication between the frontline worker and their supervisors, even in remote conditions. Anvl’s digital workflows can also verify training and certification, especially for contractors, so you can make sure that you are allowing the most qualified workers on site. 

Getting Started with Digital Permit Improvements

Are you looking for ways to verify the contracting process and save dollars? Maybe you are looking for a digital permit platform that has improved communication capabilities. Or, possibly your business is looking for a verification method of process compliance guided in the moment but a digital workflow permit.

Anvl can transform your paper work permits into a digital, easy-to-use format. While making the transition from paper-to-digital may seem daunting, our team of experts will take a deep dive into what your company needs and how we can help protect your workers. Anvl can provide an overview of in-progress and completed digital permits, as well as collect this data over time to help your business understand trends, issues, and places for continuous improvement. 

Ultimately, our digital permitting solution promotes a foundation of compliance across a business and drives culture change for worker safety. See Anvl in Action and contact one of our experts today.