In today’s digital world, quality management has evolved into paperless processes. Taking a digital approach and investing in a quality-focused software, like Anvl’s, not only yields high ROI but also supports the frontline worker throughout the process with in-the-moment training and a self-sustaining improvement in performance and quality.

The purpose of quality management, then, is to ensure that every product or service is up to company standards. Those standards are the foundation of the quality product the consumer expects to receive. You can’t get to those standards without top-notch employee training.

How a Quality-Focused Software can support Ongoing Training for the Frontline Worker

Quality management means capturing defects in real time. Couple quality management with automated, software-based work instruction and you have an ideal working arrangement with feedback, communication, and built-in training. 

This worker guidance imprints habits and the habits are reinforced through the positive feedback of success. If some step in the quality control process is violated, automated alerts and notifications can prevent the ongoing output of faulty products as early as possible. With quality management, that training is repetitive and ongoing. 

The process ensures your front-line workers are constantly informed, connected and answering pivotal quality questions.  

Your solution should be able to address the following:

  • Are their steps and processes consistent with the built-in quality surveillance programmed in the software? 
  • What alerts or controls are in place when in-the-moment processes deviate from those compliance standards? Do those provide alerts to supervisors as well as a “teachable moment” to the front-line worker?
  • Is the software mobile-device friendly so that workers have access to guidance on the floor?
  • Can the workers communicate with managers, provide feedback, and halt non-compliant processes? 

Resolving the Quality Management Challenge with Automation

To get to satisfactory resolutions to training challenges, the quality-focused software must accomplish the following:

Identify compliance issues and defects early

This process can set the standard for how every product should be made before distribution. By utilizing an Anvl Workflow tied to quality control, each worker will have to complete a series of steps to ensure a product is up to standards before it leaves the manufacturing center. 

If there is an issue with a product, real-time data can alert the worker that there may be a quality defect and intervention needs to happen. So, tying quality control standards early on makes this an actionable insight and takes care of issues before they set you back.

Provide worker guidance

Workers need a consistent, validated process. Having this in place ensures that they will become knowledgeable, educated, and empowered to make informed decisions. When a quality defect arises, an Anvl workflow can guide and empower a worker to make decisions to ensure compliance is restored.

Finally, the software must provide linked resources to help workers to refresh their memory on certain national regulations, for example. It must also enable a “stop job” feature and notify supervisors in real-time with mobile/email alert functionality. 

Gain remote visibility

With remote visibility off site supervisors can manage what is happening on the floor in real time. Likewise, in the post-production stage, managers can review quality workflows that have been completed and identify areas that need further investigation or assistance to:

  • Observe data trends over time and see where improvements can be made in quality management. The software harvests and provides the indispensable analytics critical to this process. 
  • Allow for workers to provide feedback for how quality management could be more efficient or productive from their eyes. The process has to be automated and far easier than a cumbersome paper-based method. 
  • Integrate feedback from employees at all levels to give all workers a voice in quality management. That voice and the resulting improvement in product quality are the foundations of teamwork so necessary in company success.

Anvl’s Quality-Focused Software is your solution

As demonstrated above, investing in technology can have a significant impact and long-term implications for improving a business’s quality management processes. Technology with built-in quality control and training puts the worker first. 

Quality control prevents errors, and frontline training builds skills and confidence. Anvl’s quality focused software does that by:

  • Ensuring process compliance 
  • Identifying defects early before they reach your customers
  • Giving your frontline worker instant and up-to-date information on product quality control guidance and regulations
  • Promoting visibility for every worker, who has an instant input in the process
  • Providing communication between workers and supervisors in quality management
  • Allowing for real-time data collection and accurate reporting to make sure that your product is up to your standards

Anvl’s quality-focused software promotes ongoing training for the frontline worker. Anvl’s award-winning solution allows for workers to be guided in the moment while on the job and ensure process compliance is followed. 

Quality management is not a one-time learning process. Anvl’s software makes sure that quality management and general work instruction are at the forefront of each operation so that the worker can feel empowered to make actionable decisions regarding quality. To learn more about Anvl’s quality-focused software, contact one of our experts today.

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