Anvl has grown more global and diverse this past year, expanding into 50 countries! Today, we’re thrilled to support our unique customers in their primary language – Offering 100 different language options and counting.

Stateside, 1 in 5 Americans does not speak English at home (US Census Bureau). We believe fluency should not affect someone’s safety or ability to complete work.

“Multilanguage capabilities ensure every employee is equipped equally in their job,” said Zach Taylor, CEO at Anvl. “Workflow translation also makes it much easier to scale operations and deploy workflows at multiple locations.”

Anvl will automatically set the user’s language to match the device’s native language setting – no user action is required. This modern approach is why Anvl sees 90% adoption in 90 days.

Multiple languages are available today to all customers. Contact your customer success manager to get started, or schedule a demo with an expert today.

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