According to 2018 findings, 82 percent of executives believe that mobile is the face of digital transformation. Mobile devices in the hands of workers allow them to access information quickly, report on daily tasks, and communicate with management as needed. 

A Need for Mobility

80 percent of the workforce doesn’t sit at a desk to do their job. These workers need to be appropriately equipped with tools and technology that allow them to be productive, empowered, and safe. By implementing appropriate technology into the field, workers are five times more productive

Mobile Device and Technology Choices

The devices that workers use on a daily basis have an impact on engagement and job satisfaction. Frustrating technology and inefficient applications get in the way of work. That’s why it’s critical to involve workers in the process of identifying and configuring the right solution for the job and to continue listening past implementation. Their involvement and voice will increase program adoption and ongoing success.

Mobile Device Comfort and Expectations

In the US, 96 percent of people have a cell phone – the majority of which are smartphones. We average over 3 hours of use on those devices on a daily basis. Employees approach work with an expectation of mobile capabilities, and 80 percent of executives say workers cannot do their jobs without smartphones.

Engagement and Safety

There’s a clear connection between engagement and worker safety. Disengaged workers have 49 percent more accidents. Productivity and profitability are also impacted by engagement, with disengaged workers having 37 percent higher absenteeism and 60 percent more errors and defects.

Equipping frontline workers with appropriate technology can help engage the workforce and fuel worker safety. 

Anvl Workforce is a mobile safety application and communication platform that helps you engage frontline workers and organically drive safety culture changes. 

Anvl turns your existing safety inspections, assessments, checklists, observations, audits, permits and procedures into tailored dynamic workflows to help your workforce be more safe, productive, efficient, and effective.

More importantly Anvl gives your workforce a voice — every day.

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