Leading Indicators Today

The term “leading indicators” is often used when discussing the technical observations of risk predictors within a company. Some examples of leading indicators include a ratio of safe to unsafe observations, the number of inspections completed, or the percentage of corrective actions taken (a more comprehensive list of leading indicators has been developed by The Campbell Institute). But, what is the true significance of them, and how can they produce effective change within a business? In short, leading indicators strive to answer the question, “What can we do to make our workplace safer?” They are predictive measures that demonstrate how a company’s efforts produce positive results. 

From a safety lens, this means that leading indicators can help identify what measures can produce higher safety in the workplace and reduce the risk of injury on the job. They are preventative metrics by nature; they are used to understand what may cause higher levels of hazard in the workplace. And, these measures serve as a way to communicate with frontline workers on what makes a worksite both safe and successful. 

It is crucial to acknowledge, however, that it is up to a company to identify all relevant leading indicators to their awareness. Some indicators may be more difficult to incorporate than others; but this does not make them any less important. In fact, this makes those leading indicators more important. Leading indicators are powerful tools when considering safety management in a business context, and they offer the opportunity for growth.

How Anvl Transforms Leading Indicators

The point of leading indicators, overall, is to identify potential areas for improvement within a business and understand where risks can be mitigated early in the process. Putting this into a safety perspective, leading indicators can help businesses predict when positive (and negative) outcomes may occur. Anvl, however, strives to take this effort one step further and break down the barriers that prevent a business from addressing certain concerns in an effective manner. 

Leading indicator assessment and analysis is an inherently proactive approach, but at Anvl, we transform this process into something much larger and more dynamic. Our goal is to ultimately give a voice to the frontline worker and empower them to make safety decisions. Anvl’s Workflows are designed to guide a worker onsite and determine what happens next. If a worker completes questions in a Workflow that may indicate a worksite is unsafe or a job needs to be stopped, we can alert a worker or supervisor in the moment. In addition, our solution can send an SMS notifying that an unauthorized individual is completing a job, or that a worker does not feel safe on the floor. Worker safety should not be delayed- that is why we provide immediate feedback.

We incorporate leading indicators with employee engagement, and we can help identify risks at the earliest point possible. And, as a result, our solution empowers businesses to identify defects earlier in the process, which ultimately increases productivity and boosts operational efficiency. As said by our CEO, Robin Fleming, “We make Leading Indicators more actionable and more proactive so that intervention can occur.” 

Our solution was designed to not only develop a safer working environment for frontline workers, but also to foster a safety culture within the business. This approach gives a multidimensional view of safety to employees when a company invests in proactive safety measures. Our solution goes beyond safety training or certification; Workflows are a daily process. Anvl can be your first step in developing future directions for safety culture within your business. 

Partner With Us

Consider your company’s perspective on leading indicators for safety. Perhaps you keep a running analysis of PPE worn on the daily, or you keep a tab on how many safety training sessions are attended by a set percentage of employees. As any company knows, the pursuit for improvement is never complete, especially when it comes to worker safety. Anvl is here to boost your leading indicator identification process. Our results provide metrics and information in the moment, not just after paperwork is processed.

Identifying leading indicators early is impactful when the solution can be provided in the moment. Learn more about how Anvl can help transform your business’s safety protocols.