Continuous improvement leaders are constantly on the lookout for digital tools that can streamline operations, boost quality and keep their workers safe and engaged. It’s not an easy job, but there are applications that bring solutions that continuous improvement leaders need to engage workers and provide ongoing training using a mobile format. Here are 3 tips for Continuous Improvement Leaders for finding the right solutions to digitally transform their processes and procedures for higher business performance. 

3 Tips for Continuous Improvement Leaders

In this age of rapid digital transformation and technological change, leaders may feel overwhelmed with finding the right solution, to the point where their processes become scattered between multiple platforms and paper forms. However, it does not need to be this discombobulating. According to The McKinsey Global Institute, the pace of automation is increasing at a pace where nearly 30 percent of various work activities in well over half of all occupations might be automated in the near future, freeing workers up for more important, creative contributions. That means continuous improvement leaders are needed to help direct the pace of worker engagement and technological integration so that they can streamline operations throughout the company. In order to invest in the right solution for continuous improvement, keep these 3 tip in mind:

1. Put Your Workers First

This has always been a struggle in manufacturing, where the bottom line seems to rise in precedence over the people striving to achieve that bottom line. But when you put workers first, the bottom line growth, productivity improvements and work culture tend to improve naturally. Today’s workers are already prepared for technological change, and many of them are dissatisfied with the slower pace that their workplaces have taken when adopting mobile solutions that could make their work more rewarding. Be open to engaging with workers and listening sincerely to their feedback. Many of them have ideas that could really take the company further. When they feel like leadership cares about and listens to their ideas, productivity and worker engagement increases because they feel more invested. 

2. Engage in Ongoing Training

The one-time training class isn’t sufficient for the kinds of rapid advancements going on in manufacturing today. That’s why ongoing, daily training is necessary. With a solution like Anvl, training can easily be turned into a daily process that helps workers get educated and trained on goals, procedures and processes on the job, where they can get the kind of experience that makes the training stick. 

And the good news is that your employees likely already have the answer in their pockets: mobile devices. A first step in engaging employees in ongoing training is adopting a mobile application like Anvil that helps improve quality compliance, safety and operations efficiency in an engaging way that gets workers personally involved in the effort. With Anvl, employees have up-to-the-minute guidance in every situation. They can better navigate the work environment and help other workers do the same. Because Anvl collects and analyzes real-time data, employees can quickly mitigate risks, catch quality problems and see innovative ways to improve operations. Continuous improvement leaders can identify key areas where more training and support are needed, and they can quickly engage workers with that ongoing training. 

3. Make it Mobile

More data from McKinsey shows that at least 70 percent of companies have already been successful in using mobile solutions to advance the digital transformations in their workplaces. By leveraging mobile, they’ve helped build a connected workforce. And building that connected workforce has actually been a boon in the past year of pandemic upheaval. Mobile solutions have kept things going at a safe distance, and also created new opportunities nobody ever imagined before. 

Anvl’s engaging mobile platform connects frontline workers to a host of data tools that make sense to them because they’re already using mobile devices regularly. It doesn’t matter how old or young the worker is, they’re all used to using tablets and smartphones, so learning the Anvl app takes very little time and helps workers experience the safety, quality and operations benefits of ongoing training, daily checklists, operational procedures and processes very easily. 

Anvl Can Turbo Charge Continuous Improvement

Anvl’s connected worker application and platform helps companies capture issues early and drive continuous improvements in safety, quality and operations for frontline workers and supervisors. Click here to see Anvl in action, and be sure to contact our experts to talk about your company’s continuous improvement needs today.