Many businesses have already taken their first steps at digital transformation in a variety of ways. However, there is still a great need to make digital transformation a proactive development within a business rather than seeing it as a checkbox on a list of “to-do” items. There are still a vast number of ways that digital transformation can be incorporated into a company’s safety, quality, and operations, and often we forget how easy it could be to implement digital transformation efforts into our business in the most streamline and successful way – by adopting the smartphones and tablets already in your workers’ pockets.

Digital Transformation is Already in Your Pocket

By the end of 2020, an estimated 275 million Americans will own a smartphone, and that number will jump to 285 million by 2023. Smartphones are the digital transformation tools we often forget we have, yet they hold so much potential to make a great impact on a business. And, considering the state of our world right now, this is the perfect time for businesses to make that first step forward to successful digital transformation. 

According to McKinsey research, it’s estimated that less than 30 percent of businesses who turn to digital transformation are successful at it. And, from the group of businesses that were successful at it, nearly 70 percent of them adopted the use of mobile solutions.

The pandemic will highlight which businesses truly are the most resilient and adaptive to change, and it is going to be painfully obvious to the workforce that a business is getting further behind if they are still relying on paper-based operations.

The bottom line: If you are not thinking about digital transformation now, you should be. Luckily, it can all start with the smartphone in your workers’ pockets. 

Adopt Mobile Devices as a First Step 

Why are mobile solutions the best first step for a business’s digital transformation efforts?

  1. People don’t need to try to use a smartphone; it’s what is most familiar to us. We use them every minute of everyday in our own personal lives. In fact, it requires more effort on the part of the worker to train their brain to complete operations in a paper format – everything in our world is digitized, so why can’t work be digitized as well? 
  2. It’s affordable. As mentioned, the majority of Americans already own a smartphone. Anvl’s award-winning mobile solution can be instantly downloaded on iOS or Android phones/tablets (or devices), and the application takes only a matter of minutes to train and comprehend. And, even in a business that limits the use of personal devices onsite, there are many affordable options for the workforce, from corporate discounts to purchasing Wifi-only devices or refurbished devices.
  3. Opportunity for limiting capability on the device. The fear may be that there will be a loss of control when taking on digital transformation with a mobile approach. For workers in environments where it is highly risky, the business can provide shared devices in kiosk mode and incorporate mobility management solutions that prevent and monitor usage while onsite. This allows for the device to be locked down with a single application to prevent distraction and get work done. 
  4. Increase safety at work. Often there is a stigma attached to smartphones. We see everyday horror stories in the news of accidents and injuries as a result of texting and driving. Some states are rolling out new laws that completely ban the use of phones while driving. We are conditioned to see mobile devices as a distraction, not a tool. Even though mobile devices are viewed as a distraction and pose potential safety issues to the worker, with controlled application access, worker safety and engagement is still at the forefront of every operation and adds value to daily work.
  5. Your workers are still at the center of every operation. Mobile solutions, like Anvl’s, offer real-time visibility and increased communication to frontline workers and supervisors. As long as people are involved, communication still needs to happen. The added benefit: Your workers can complete a digital workflow once, rather than revisiting the same paper form multiple times a day. This leads to increased control, insight, and engagement from workers on the frontline. As a result, business operations become much more productive, effective, streamlined, and collaborative.

Why Now?

Businesses have a real opportunity to drive a competitive edge amidst the pandemic. Challenge your business to utilize mobile devices as a competitive advantage. With remote work still in place, and businesses are struggling to stay afloat in the economy, mobile devices are a great first step for a business to stay at the top of the game on the digital transformation front. Companies are trying to survive right now; it only makes sense to leverage the technology we already know in order to maintain relevancy and increase productivity, safety, quality control, and operational efficiency.

The IDC conducted a study on the effects of COVID-19 on business spending on Digital Transformation solutions. They found that spending on digital transformation will continue at a steady pace amidst the challenges caused by COVID-19 for businesses. The point is, digital transformation will not be slowing down significantly amidst COVID-19. It’s important for a business to recognize that digital transformation is an ongoing effort, and now is the time to adopt mobile solutions as a step toward successful digital transformation. Otherwise, if they don’t start now, they will get left behind. 

Partner with Us

Digital transformation may seem daunting, but it does not have to. At Anvl, we are dedicated to help you take your first steps into digital transformation and help your business maintain a competitive edge. Our mobile solution is easy to implement and use, and it allows for workers to feel engaged on the floor and increase communication and visibility between management and what is happening on the floor. Our solution also collects data in real-time in order for businesses to continue to identify areas for improvement and take action when needed. Contact us today or visit our digital transformation page to receive guidance from our experts on how your business can best move forward to digital solutions.