To stay competitive and viable in these interesting times, going digital is a necessity rather than a luxury. But aside from the questions of what technology to use and how to implement it, probably the first thing on the mind of most leaders is how much it will cost, and what the ROI be on the solution. Digital transformation may appear to be a large undertaking, but it is really not as expensive as we are led to believe. Not to mention, the ROI is significant when the right solution is considered. Here is why digital transformation is a smart, effective investment:

Digital transformation does not need to be a ‘great leap’

For starters, a company that uses antiquated, paper-only methods and then shifts to adopting wide-scale advanced technology will likely overwhelm employees and lead to a greater investment in training. There’s also bound to be a bit of “rework” that you’ll have to do, that is revisit certain aspects of your digital transformation that were missed or that didn’t go well when you transitioned. On the other hand, a series of gradual improvements helps eliminate any gaps and ensures that workers aren’t left behind and scrambling to catch up with any new strategy.

According to McKinsey research, it’s estimated that less than 30 percent of those who digitize are successful at it. And only about 16 percent state that they’ve actually improved their performance after digitizing.

These businesses that were successful were able to implement digital transformation in ways that are already feasible for most companies – nearly 70% of these businesses utilized mobile solutions, like tablets or smartphones.

Affordable, easy, and efficient training

On the same topic of mobile solutions – one of the most familiar ways to start digital transformation – they are the easiest way to implement training and ongoing engagement with workers. And, not to mention, It’s affordable. The majority of Americans already own a smartphone. Anvl’s award-winning mobile solution can be instantly downloaded on iOS or Android phones/tablets (or devices), and the application takes only a matter of minutes to train and comprehend. And, even in a business that limits the use of personal devices onsite, there are many affordable options for the workforce, from corporate discounts to purchasing Wifi-only devices or refurbished devices.

Drive high ROI for Safety, Quality and Operations

By investing in a digital solution for each function area, you will see an increase in productivity and profitability. For example, for safety, improved employee morale and safety culture adoption tend to be more subjective than data-driven metrics. In other words, higher morale means higher productivity, but more importantly, engaged workers can translate into profitability. According to Forbes and Gallup, highly engaged teams show 21 percent greater profitability. Good safety culture adoption includes high rates of participation in training, willingness to share safety suggestions or point out discrepancies without fear of retaliation and communication between employees about safety matters.

Digital transformation is easy with Anvl

Anvl is the Connected Worker platform that enables today’s leaders to better prepare, protect, and inspect how work gets done. Made for real work environments – our platform is fully configurable to work exactly how your business needs it to. To learn more about Anvl, click here and talk to one of our experts.