Continuous improvement leaders are constantly on the lookout for digital tools that can streamline operations, boost quality and keep their workers safe and engaged. It’s not an easy job, but there are applications that bring solutions that continuous improvement leaders need to engage workers and provide ongoing training using a mobile format. Especially for worker safety, continuous improvement leaders need to consider ways to reimagine safety programs involving their good catch process. Learn how to drive agile continuous improvements for your good catch process:

1. Put Your Workers First

Today’s workers are already prepared for technological change, and many of them are dissatisfied with the slower pace that their workplaces have taken when adopting mobile solutions that could make their work more rewarding. In fact, 70% of workers want better tech at work. Be open to engaging with workers and listening sincerely to their feedback. Many of them have ideas that could really take the company further, as well as identify what the real issues are on the floor.

2. Engage in Ongoing Training

 The one-time training class isn’t sufficient for the kinds of rapid advancements going on in manufacturing today. That’s why ongoing, daily training is necessary.  And the good news is that your employees likely already have the answer in their pockets: mobile devices. McKinsey shows that at least 70 percent of companies have already been successful in using mobile solutions to advance the digital transformations in their workplaces. And, with 50% of the workforce actively disengaged in their work, an engaging solution that pushes for ongoing training is necessary. That’s why a mobile solution is the answer to drive agile continuous improvements for leaders.

3. Go Digital

Many Good Catch forms are still on paper with an open text field to collect basic information. This makes compiling the information very cumbersome and means the focus is more on tallying totals than it is learning from what is being reported. Anvl, for example. engages users in real-time to capture critical data and provide reports that highlight what matters most.

Go beyond checking the box or achieving quotas for number of reports each year. You don’t need to wait for forms to be turned in and collected. With Anvl, you will be able to automate data collection and identify continuous improvements for safety.

Drive Agile Continuous Improvements with Anvl

Anvl’s connected worker platform helps companies capture issues early and drive continuous improvements in safety, quality and operations for frontline workers and supervisors. Click here to see Anvl in action, and be sure to contact our experts to talk about your company’s continuous improvement needs today.