Industry 4.0 is upon us, and companies are at a pivotal moment as more industry leaders lean into these digital solutions. Over the past year, 85% of global industry executives have invested in Connected Worker solutions, a trend that will only continue to experience future growth. Since nearly 60% of the workforce is disengaged with their work, it’s never been more critical for manufacturing leadership to explore digital solutions that frontline workers and supervisors will actually use. Aside from unreliable data due to unused processes and tools, disengaged workers may also go through the motions of “pencil whipping” and provide only the minimum data required, if that. Others may use technology that often digitizes paper forms, but the data still remains hidden. Mobile solutions will continue to drive digital transformation for quality in the years to come because they empower workers to be the voice for innovation and positive outcomes. Learn more about why quality leaders need to go mobile for quality processes:

Mobile Solutions are What Workers Deserve

Since more than 96% of younger workers already have smartphones, mobile quality solutions are less likely to cause any friction in adoption of new processes because they are familiar with the tech. These solutions capture and unlock real-time data to help businesses improve product quality, increase worker safety and streamline operations. Products like Anvl even provide guided, digital workflow experiences that serve to support and guide workers.

Mobile Quality Solutions are Affordable

The vast majority of your workers already own a smartphone or other mobile device, and Anvl’s mobile solution downloads and works easily on the majority of Android and iOS devices. The application takes mere moments to learn, and training is day-to-day, on-the-job. If your business restricts the use of personal mobile devices onsite, it’s easy to get a quantity discount on WiFi-only or refurbished devices that can be used for work only. 

Increased Communication

As mobile developers continue to improve and harden their operating systems, the technology will spill over to other mobile devices and give everyone high-speed internet access on the factory floor and in the field. Mobile solutions and apps are instant, turnkey solutions to launching connected work platforms like Anvl. These pocket-sized solutions will increase communication between workers and supervisors, be easy-to-use, are engaging, and are not a costly investment. The decision is simple – move forward with mobile connected worker platforms.

Better Quality Control

Process compliance is a top priority, and bridging communication between supervisors and frontline workers helps speed up the process of escalation whenever issues happen to arise. The industry 4.0 technology helps organizations across the board address setbacks promptly. Yet, with only 16 percent of organizations surveyed already implementing quality 4.0 initiatives, the ones that are starting to investigate the potentials really are positioning themselves as industry leaders. And this is difficult for skilled workers to ignore.

Employers who offer technology solutions that are specifically designed for ease-of-use will have a significant appeal for job seekers. Teams that are properly equipped to do their work effectively can have a work environment that’s low-stress and streamlined. That’s something we can all get behind. Satisfaction goes a long way to building teams that are engaged and committed to stay with their employer and continue to grow.

Go Mobile for Quality Processes with Anvl

Anvl is a mobile Connected Worker solution that helps organizations detect issues early, enhance communication and identify improvements. Engaging workers and identifying issues are just the beginning—quality managers understand it’s not about collecting the data, it’s about what you do with it. With Anvl, quality leaders will gain visibility into what is happening in real-time on the floor, and engage with what matters most. To get started with Anvl, click here and contact one of our experts today.