In everyday life you and your workers almost always have a mobile device close at hand.So, what is the potential that these small smart devices have for everyday work? McKinsey’s research had some interesting insight about this. Of all the companies that have made an attempt at digital transformation, only about 30 percent have been able to succeed at their intended goal. On the other hand, of all the companies that tried mobile solutions in their efforts to adopt Industry 4.0, more than 70 percent of them succeeded in making the leap. With data like that, it’s pretty clear that the vehicle to continuous improvement in manufacturing is driven by mobile. Here’s why you need to go mobile for continuous improvement in your business with Anvl’s Connected Worker Solution. 

5 Reasons to Go Mobile for Continuous Improvement

If you have been holding off on choosing a solution to go paperless or move up to digital transformation, let’s talk about how a mobile solution can not only increase your chances of success, but can even drive continuous improvement for your business. 

1. The Learning Curve is Smaller Than You Think

If one of your hesitations is that your employees will have too steep a learning curve to become proficient quickly with a mobile app at work, consider this: your employees already know how to use a mobile device, and they do it every day when they’re not at work. They’re all familiar with mobile apps already in their personal lives. And it often feels like going backward in time for them to have to use a paper form or an ancient computer terminal. In fact, this is one of the things many employees wish they had at work: an easy-to-use mobile solution to assist them in getting work done safely and efficiently on the job. When everything in our modern world is already in an app, why can’t work be the same way? Your workers are ready for this. 

2. A Mobile Solution That’s Affordable

The vast majority of your workers already own a smartphone or other mobile device, and Anvl’s mobile solution downloads and works easily on the majority of Android and iOS devices. The application takes mere moments to learn, and training is day-to-day, on-the-job. If your business restricts the use of personal mobile devices onsite, it’s easy to get a quantity discount on WiFi-only or refurbished devices that can be used for work only. 

3. Management Control Options for Mobile Devices on the Job

Managers are often worried that workers using mobile devices on the job opens the window toward risky distractions. That’s a valid concern, of course. Fortunately, there are options that prevent this in Anvl. For particularly risky environments, companies can provide a shared kiosk device that includes mobility management and monitors usage onsite. This keeps everyone on task and safe while on the job and protects the way the mobile device is used, ensuring it’s only used for validated work activities. 

4. Mobile Solutions Increase Safety on the Job

Mobile devices can have a bad reputation as far as safety is concerned. States across the nation have created a variety of laws to penalize texting while driving because of the very real danger this activity causes on the road. So, how can a mobile solution actually improve worker safety on the job? With Anvl’s controlled application access, worker engagement and safety are the top features baked into the app. The central reason for the app is to provide insight from data across operations that can warn workers of safety hazards before anyone gets hurt. 

5. Everyone Can be a Continuous Improvement Leader

Your workers and their engagement in the operations process are the centerpieces of your company’s ability to progress. For example, to increase worker engagement, Anvl provides enhanced communications between supervisors and frontline workers, and also gives workers real-time data insight that can help them stay safe and be engaged with improving quality and processes within their realm of influence. Workers feel more ownership over their part of the process when they can complete an Anvl digital workflow instead of filling out the same paper forms or form fillers multiple times a shift. When workers feel more engaged and have tools to make things better, they are more eager to collaborate and become continuous improvement leaders in their own right, which is great for business. 

Continuous Improvement Leaders Need Anvl’s Mobile Connected Worker Solution

Getting your company up-to-speed with digital transformation is easier than you think with Anvl’s mobile solution. It brings workers and supervisors into better communication, using better data and streamlined digital workflows that improve worker safety, efficiency, operations and quality across the board. Every continuous improvement leader can get behind that. Learn more today by clicking here to watch Anvl in action, and be sure to contact our experts to see how Anvl can benefit your organization.