Leaders are constantly on the lookout for digital tools that can streamline operations, boost quality and keep their workers safe and engaged. Thankfully, there are innovative solutions that continuous improvement leaders need to engage workers using a mobile application. So, considering your current business needs, how can innovative solutions bring continuous improvement? In short, it’s important that the digital tools your business uses leverages data to be the driving factor of business outcomes and performance. By leveraging tools for data-driven continuous improvement, businesses can uncover insights and analytics like never before.

Data-Driven Continuous Improvement

With millions upon millions of data points, it can be a time consuming task to figure out how to utilize it to your best business advantage by sorting through endless spreadsheets or papers. Thankfully, Anvl provides leaders with a tailored, organized view of data insights that are filterable based on role and insight needs. The dashboard gives an overview of recently completed work and highlights where stop jobs and interventions require leadership assistance to be resolved. It also provides a live feed of what is happening on the worksite, including workflows in progress or completed, photos of work, and highlighted concerns from workers. This drives action for in-the-moment support and guidance.

The Anvl leading indicators dashboard, for example, distributes data across time to highlight when and where most issues occur, and how to provide the best solutions for continuous improvement in business operations.

Since data in Anvl is both real-time and directly from users,  leaders have access to data insights that can truly make a difference in the moment for avoiding issues and for driving improvements.

Anvl unlocks critical data and insights by connecting workers and supervisors to turbo charge continuous improvement. And the data and analytics captured ultimately drive these improvements by providing a single pane of glass view to leaders to uncover improvement opportunities. So far, Anvl has gathered:

Actionable Data is What Matters Most of All

Overall, investing in digital solutions is the largest trend in business today, and if you haven’t done so, you’re already behind. Companies that already made strides toward getting workers connected to digital tools prior to the pandemic were more agile and adapted better to the future of work. They also reported improvements in operations and became resilient and competitive in the face of future challenges.  

With Anvl’s mobile-first connected worker solution, continuous improvement is driven by the integrated logic embedded in workflows for our users. Just look at Anvl’s stats – over 46,000 stopped jobs and interventions and counting have been triggered in order to protect workers, improve product quality, and make sure operations are going efficiently.

Go Mobile for Continuous Improvement

However, it’s important to consider that the right digital tool starts with how data is put into action. Anvl’s mobile-first connected worker solution collects rich data from workflows completed by workers to provide leaders with endless opportunities to streamline operations, improve product quality, and increase worker safety.

McKinsey’s research had some interesting insight about this. Of all the companies that have made an attempt at digital transformation, only about 30 percent have been able to succeed at their intended goal. Out of these successful companies, more than 70 percent of them started by using mobile solutions for their workers. With data like that, it’s pretty clear that the vehicle to continuous improvement is driven by mobile. 

Anvl: The Solution for Data-Driven Continuous Improvement

Getting your company up-to-speed with digital transformation is easier than you think with Anvl’s mobile application. With over 90% user engagement, it brings workers and supervisors into better communication, using better data and streamlined digital workflows that improve worker safety, efficiency, operations and quality across the board. Every continuous improvement leader can get behind that. Learn more today by clicking here to see how Anvl works, and be sure to contact our experts to see how Anvl can turbo charge continuous improvement.