Manufacturing leaders today are scrambling to lift their businesses into Industry 4.0, and every company seems to be doing it a little differently. Some are barreling forward with digital transformation, while others are taking small steps. One of the most common steps to digital transformation is adopting a form builder like iAuditor (or others). They come with pre-made templates and self-help screens and are billed as an “easy” solution to digitize paper forms. However, many companies that adopt a form builder solution have found that it couldn’t keep up with their growing needs. These types of form builders have limitations in that they can really only create a few form templates and digitally capture paper forms. Solutions like iAuditor can’t provide a platform for continuous improvement, which is what competition demands today. This is why so many of these companies subsequently either returned backwards to paper, or moved forward towards Anvl’s connected worker solution. Here’s why data-driven improvement is possible with Anvl, and why form builders like iAuditor often fail:

Form Builders Fail with Continuous Improvement Goals

Form fillers like iAuditor can do one thing – They digitize paper forms. They allow input into digital forms. After that, you’re still left with data hidden in the forms, and it’s hard to get to it when you need it. It’s almost the same as sticking with paper in filing cabinets and binders, but now it’s just on a computer. The real sticking point is that most companies today really need data-driven connected worker solutions that help leaders and workers get insight out of all of that data so they can see how it all connects and where it could take them next. Even if they’re electronic, a static form can’t provide this insight. 

Workers want to have data that helps them do their jobs and helps them feel like their contribution matters. A recent Gallup poll about worker engagement showed that only between 31 to 40 percent of workers feel really engaged on the job. The majority—60%—are either passively disengaged, or actively disengaged. What’s worse is that management and leadership are some of those who are feeling most disengaged. One of the reasons is that work technology isn’t keeping up with the technology they use off the job, which makes work feel more difficult than it needs to be. They want to feel like they, themselves, can become continuous improvement leaders using data-driven technology solutions that will have a positive impact on their work environment, safety, quality and operations. 

Anvl’s Data-Driven Solution Powers Continuous Improvement

In contrast to iAuditor and other form fillers, Anvl won’t start feeling too small a few months down the road. As a true connected worker solution, it brings critical data together from a wide range of sources, even at remote locations. It churns that data, analyzes it, and helps everyone from management to new shop floor workers get critical insight in real time, when it really matters. 

Anvl is a mobile solution that workers of all ages can adopt and get benefits from quickly because it feels like apps they already use in their daily lives on their phones or tablets. Another great thing about Anvl is that it enables ongoing, on-the-job training processes that provide meaningful learning opportunities for employees daily. This is far more effective than a one-time training session. 

The data-driven aspect of Anvl is what workers and supervisors really appreciate. They can get real-time data about work conditions, quality, safety, operations and business goals, and they can use that data to drive continuous improvement in all of those areas. Dynamic workflows and real-time data insight are tailored to each company’s unique business rules and procedures, and can be adapted and updated at any time to grow and move with the company. This helps workers become more engaged and experience more job satisfaction while driving real improvement across the board. 

Workers and supervisors become more of a team working with Anvl. The logic-based, data-driven workflows provide up-to-the-minute data about processes, while workers can trigger alerts if they see something that needs immediate attention. This helps companies stop problems earlier and earlier, often preventing them in the first place. 

Data-Driven Continuous Improvement is Possible with Anvl

The right digital transformation solution can connect workers and supervisors to critical, incoming data in such a way that helps them find new opportunities for continuous improvement each day. Workers feel more engaged when they are part of that leadership and improvement process, and Anvl gives them the power to do that. Click here to see Anvl in action, and contact our experts today.