As form builder software comes and goes, companies start to notice some problems over the years. While it is a starting way to digitize paperwork and free supervisors and workers from the limitations inherent in paper documentation, many form builder packages are failing to keep up with the more dynamic and exciting possibilities of Industry 4.0. That’s because form builders were simply built to do only one thing: build forms. Yes, this is helpful, but it has limitations that are becoming more apparent by the day. They’re not really letting the data shine in ways that decision makers and manufacturing leaders need to make faster, more accurate decisions. This is where guided workflow solutions, like Anvl, come to the rescue. Guided workflows become flexible, scalable, engaging data tools that grow as your business grows. This can empower everyone in the shop, even remote workers, to gather insight from real digital transformation. Are you looking to replace your form builder software? If so, Anvl guided workflows are the perfect solution for your business

The Difference Between a Digital Form Builder and Guided Workflows

If you’ve been using any type of form builder for a while, you’ll already understand its benefits and limitations. Some packages are super at helping you accomplish the digitization of your paper documents. This saves everyone a lot of space, time and money in calling up the information needed. As technology has advanced, however, these form builders have shown their limitations. The key point is that they are static electronic documents that don’t grow with your needs. While they have the ability to store the data, they don’t have the ability to analyze it or intuitively engage workers in the process of data analysis that they can use to improve safety, quality and operations. And, not to mention, most of these solutions are self-help: you don’t receive the personal, expert advice to tailor a solution to your business needs. 

Guided Workflows are the Next Level in Digital Transformation

Guided workflows differ from simple form builders in that they dynamically take the data coming in directly from the frontline, and then they churn through your desired analysis criteria to help you lift out leading indicators that help you see where a quality problem might arise, where a safety hazard can be eliminated, or where an operations process can be improved. It gives you smarter solutions that you can use immediately. 

For example, Anvl guided workflows even incorporate data from a wide range of sources beyond just forms. And this enables workers to see their part in using data analysis tools to find solutions to help your business grow, develop and compete more effectively and efficiently than ever before. Anvl’s solution gives manufacturing leadership more insight and tools to streamline and improve all of their processes; tools that actually grow as the business grows. 

The dynamic aspect of guided workflows is what many manufacturing leaders find particularly enticing. All kinds of data can be gathered, churned and analyzed based on the criteria that leaders can flexibly define as needed, from day-to-day, from hour-to-hour. This engages workers as they add to the picture and then use the data analysis tools to see insights that pertain to their responsibilities. This gives them a stronger feeling of ownership over their areas and turns them into safety and quality leaders in their own right. 

Jump from Digitization to Digital Transformation with Anvl

Remaining competitive in such a tricky, fast-moving industrial market, your company needs to be able to rely on data, and all kinds of data, coming in faster and being analyzed in a way that makes sense now and in the future. While digitization of forms through a form builder certainly helped move many companies away from slow, paralyzing paper forms, form builders can only take you so far. They’ve already likely taken you as far as they are capable. The next step is real digital transformation with guided workflows that help you analyze all sorts of data, from a variety of sources; a solution that is able to grow with you as your company grows. Anvl’s connected worker solution also improves your workers’ experiences through a guided, digital experience that helps them get work done faster, better and more safely. 

See Anvl in action to get an idea of how it works, and then contact our Industry 4.0 experts to discuss your needs and the benefits automated workflows can bring to your business.