FISHERS, Ind. (November 10, 2020)   — Anvl announced today in collaboration with Cummins, Inc. the continued expansion of Anvl across Cummins’ North America Distribution Business Unit for field and shop technicians and managers. Cummins currently leverages Anvl’s platform for Job Safety Assessments (JSAs) and Lock-Out-Tag-Out (LOTO) procedures and the continued roll-out of Anvl will reach over 3,400 users across 164 locations across North America and Canada. 

Anvl’s award winning platform was designed for frontline workers supporting replacing paper processes and procedures with an easy to use mobile application. For Cummins, four different JSAs were configured in Anvl based on Cummins proactive safety measures for field, shop, marine and power generation areas and rolled out to a group of initial users in August of 2018. Cummins also added a separate LOTO procedure in Anvl which is triggered to support compliance to these important controls in real-time. 

Key to Anvl’s approach at digital transformation are workflows that simplify complex safety forms and processes, tailoring the user experience for each customer’s unique safety program.  Since 2018, Cummins and Anvl’s Customer Success team have continued to optimize the digital workflows in Anvl, adjusting based on analytic insights and input from frontline workers.  

“Cummins’ focus on safety earned the company the highly coveted Campbell Award. Our partnership with ANVL to deliver a next-generation digital solution with real-time, individual-tailored safety guidance, is an example of how important it is for every technician to return home in the same condition in which they arrived to a job site. Anvl continues to meet and exceed my expectations by consistently engaging workers and providing actionable data to drive positive culture changes and improvements,” said Jenny Bush, Vice President North America DBU, Cummins.”

Anvl’s software acts as an organization’s eyes and ears on the ground, gathering millions of data points from frontline workers even in rugged conditions with an automatic offline mode to detect worksite risks before they become critical hazards. Data collection in Anvl is configured for customer needs and includes photos, worker verbatims with voice to text support, a variety of picklists, procedures and pop-up definitions. Real-time alerts and notifications alert both the frontline workers and management about risks that require intervention and jobs that may need to be stopped so that needed conversations and work adjustments can occur in-the-moment.

“Anvl has given us real world visibility of the environment and hazards we send our team into as part of day to day business. Supervisors and Managers can benefit from the photos of both site conditions along with process steps to lead to improvements. STOP jobs also focus on addressing site safety concerns as they happen in real time, which lead to a solution before work resumes,” said Aaron Skewes, Industrial Service Supervisor with Cummins Sales & Service – Eastern Canada Region.  

Remote safety monitoring is especially important now that the pandemic continues to restrict site visits by safety leaders. Anvl’s latest software release includes enhancements that highlight safety hotspots and real-time issues giving leaders fast access to the areas that require their attention. Additional drill-down into the data shows worker sentiment, compliance to process and a repository of data that supports OSHA compliance and reporting. 

Anvl and Cummins continue to collaborate beyond the current safety processes identifying ongoing improvements to support frontline workers with the resources they need to be safe, efficient, and successful on the job.

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