FISHERS, Indiana (February 24, 2021). Anvl, a software company helping businesses protect and support frontline workers, is excited to announce a new In-App Messaging feature to help improve real-time communication between frontline workers and managers.

This new feature will help managers respond to Anvl Workflows and Flags from their Insights Dashboard to initiate two-way conversations with frontline workers, who can also reply on their Anvl mobile application. 

“Anvl knows communication with frontline workers is more important than ever, which is why we’re excited to introduce a new way to keep the lines of communication open. Today, we’re launching In-App Messaging which enables real-time, two-way communication between managers and frontline workers, and makes sharing critical, in-the-moment information possible.”

Jill Turcic, Head of Customer Success

With this release, all Anvl users will be able to take advantage of our new features. In-App Messaging adds a variety of communication tools for both managers and frontline workers. 

New feature highlights:

  • Supervisors and Managers can initiate contact with frontline workers directly within Anvl 
  • Reply directly to workers who identify issues with text and emojis
  • Capture photos and videos with your device, and upload images, videos, and files directly within the app
  • New messages are indicated on the Insights Dashboard for managers to view
  • Frontline workers receive push notifications on their mobile devices, even when the app is not open

Anvl is excited to deliver these new features to further eliminate communication barriers and to help resolve existing issues more efficiently and effectively.

Anvl provides free training materials for leveraging In-App Messaging with your team. To see how In-App Messaging can help your team streamline communication issues, click here to schedule a demo and see Anvl in Action.

About Anvl

Anvl helps companies protect and support workers by equipping frontline workers with real-time guidance, easy-to-use mobile data entry, and real-time feedback. Anvl empowers workers to make decisions in real-time that meet the company’s safety, quality, and operational goals, while driving culture change within the business. To see Anvl in Action, click here and contact one of our experts today.

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