In a fiercely competitive market, quality is a key indicator for success now, and in the future. In an earlier blog post, there was considerable discussion about ways that manufacturing leadership can benefit when digital tools for quality can provide significant benefits to your workforce. One of the biggest benefits is that workers become quality leaders themselves, driving all kinds of improvements. Manufacturing leadership should consider implementing layered process audit software to improve quality and drive continuous improvement.

Layered Process Audit Software Benefits

Every day, quality leaders have to face a million little challenges and details that can turn into quality gaffes that cost time, money and a competitive edge. The last thing that any quality leader wants is a product defect that leads to wasted product, wasted time, and wasted money. However, implementing layered process audit software like Anvl is the answer to preventing such quality challenges from even occurring. Here’s how:

1. Ensuring Process Compliance 

Manufacturing leaders spend a considerable amount of time checking and double-checking that everyone sticks to critical process compliance so that quality issues can be minimized, if not completely eliminated. Before the advancements of Industry 4.0, much of this process compliance assurance happened on paper or in older file systems that could eat hours or days of time before finding the real problem. Layered Process Audit software can guide workers through processes and checklists to ensure every product is up to standards. 

2. Capturing Product Defects

Of course, ensuring process compliance is critical for capturing product defects before they make it out the door. At the very least, poor-quality products will cause customers to look elsewhere or demand refunds. At the very worst, a defective product could hurt someone. So, the urgency to capture defects proactively is intense. Thankfully, connecting your workforce with layered process audit software will ensure that product defects are identified and escalated at the earliest point possible. This means saving time and productivity, as critical data capture can intervene when issues occur. 

3. Accountability at All Levels

With those old paper quality processes clogging the system, it’s hard to know exactly how to stamp out inefficiencies, defects and other things that can drain resources and waste time and money. Instead of a vicious cycle of quality problems perpetuated by paper processes, layered process audit software creates a virtuous cycle of sustained improvement, based on immediate data analysis and insight across departments, facilities, workers and supervisors. This way, everyone involved is held accountable for the final product delivered to your customers. 

Reduce Cost of Quality with Layered Process Audit Software

The ASQ states that some organizations have a COQ of up to 40 percent of their sales revenue. Poor quality in a company tends to be in the 10 to 15 percent range of sales revenue. Ideally, an organization should be able to provide a high-quality product or service at a low COQ. Layered process audit software can go a long way toward decreasing the COQ. The ideal software solution can monitor conditions on the floor in real-time to better ensure that procedures are followed, workers are supported, and products and solutions offered are up to quality standards. Software can also support operational efficiency, increase productivity and ensure process compliance. Capturing this data and assessing the issues that are commonly faced can go a long way toward helping improve productivity as well as overall quality, and reduce the number of defects or issues that a product may face to increase overall customer satisfaction, and reduce internal and external failure costs. 

Anvl for Continuous Improvement

For more information on how layered process audit software can help reduce your overall COQ and drive continuous improvement, contact Anvl today. We have experts ready to evaluate your organization’s current methods of process compliance for quality to help transform your operations in a way that it can be utilized to ensure every product exceeds the standards that you’ve established. For more information, see Anvl in Action and contact one of our experts today.